Agile Project Management

Scopidea agile project management solution is a fully customized and modern software development tool .Using this tool teams able to work from different locations. Scopidea agile project Management software is fully fit for Agile methodology, including Scrum and Extreme programming.

Scopidea agile project management solution provides the following features.

Tasks: Scopidea Provide features where users able to create Task, Bugs, Improvement, Epic, and Story. Inside any task user able to create subtask. Each Task has comment, priority, and attachment feature.

Assignees and Mentions: On each Task as many, It will track record of each change of Task and also able to add people into the watch so client or admin able to see the progress of Task.

Labels or Tag: On each Task able to add tags so during the search user can easily find some similar type of Task or some specific task.

Sprint: In the Scrum agile framework, sprint planning is a process that establishes the product development goal and plans for the upcoming feature and Task.Scopidea Provide sprint feature where the project manager able to create sprint and ready to add Task under the sprint.