• How to Increase Your Productivity

    Increase Productivity The increasing of productivity is a major objective for many businesses, as more productive their workforce is, more money they can brings into their businesses. While this technique may seem simple, to fully understand, what it means to the increase productivity. You must go in the past a literal meaning or develop a […]

  • Top 10 Project Management Challenges

    Project Manager The person is overall in-charge of the planning & execution of a specific project. Administrative works regarding many projects. Share the resources with other Project Managers. Managing vendor related projects. Dependencies & having to depend on other people for success. Negative response form teams consider being member’s management & other level. Difficult settings […]

  • What is an Agile Defect Project Management

    Agile is a design that manages the incremental, iterative method that helps to build activities of information technology, engineering, and other business areas, this helps in development done on the product and services in a highly flexible manner. This is the planning and the roadmap of the project process to execute things in the project […]

  • What is Invoicing software

    An Invoice is a bill or financial record for goods purchased or sell this has detailed information for which product or service you are charging and for how much amount. An Invoice is an open report of your purchase or sale done or you can say receipt or proof of goods purchased or sell and […]

  • What is Bug Tracking and Its Best Practices

    A bug is an error that comes while developing the software. A bug is a programming issue that comes in software when some features of that software stop working or creating errors in the software that is called a bug.  Bug finding is done by the testing team first the software is developed to then […]

  • It’s depending on the organization, the role that the digital project managers can play can vary extensively.

    Skills of the Digital Project Managers

    Digital Project manager It is defining the role of a digital project manager isn’t straightforward, there is actually no standard as for what role actually entails.  There is often over-lap between the digital project managers & account managers or particularly at smaller organizations, there can often be over-lap between the QA, UX, or Business Analysis. […]

  • One of the big advantages of using the invoicing software is that it prevents you from committing the mistakes.

    How to do Effective Invoicing??

    Use the automated invoicing software Start using the softwares that automatically do the work of invoicing for you. Some of the available platforms that give you this capability are Scopidea, Quick Books, Wave Accounting and various others. Change is the law of nature, adopting new facilities/technology as they come into market shows your movement with […]