10 Essential Soft Skills for Project Managers

  1. 10 Essential Soft Skills for Project Managers

One extra additional skill that touches all of knowledge areas is also included to circular out the list of the top ten project management skills. As you will see from studying the list, there are an equal no. of hard or soft skills listed to keep projects on task & external or internal stakeholders satisfied with the outcomes.

10 Essential Soft Skills for Project Managers

1. Scope Management: Writing a Well-Defined Scope Statement

Without uncertainty, one of the most commonly reasons why a project goes wrong is because of poor range of definition. Defining the ambit of the project represents the starting of every project & the capability to write a clearly defined scope of statement provides the project manager with the anchor to say no to excessively demanding customers.

2. Communication: Speaking With Authority While Empowering

When you turn a project manager, you will notice that your communication fashion changes. For an example, your lexicon expands & you begin to speak in descriptors. While it might be easy to become self- wrapped with this new advanced language, don’t forget to talk the native tongue understood & spoken through your team.

3. Human Resources: Selecting the Right People

Under the right team concept, a project manager is only as a good of the members of his and her team. Therefore, one of the essential of project management skills is the loyalty to hiring and selecting the best people to perform all tasks in accordance with their natural talents & ability to learn. Matching endowments with job requirements is not an easy project itself. Quite often the project manager may have a pond of candidates, some overqualified or some under-qualified, to perform a specific job.

4. Time Management: Delegation of Tasks

Traditionally the time management points on developing project agenda, constructing network diagrams, & determining the critical way. Ironically, the great time saver for the project manager is not got in any chart, but in the capability of the project manager to successfully delegate projects.

5. Risk Management: Proactive Approach to Risks

Risk management is a critical aspect of project management & an integral area of project planning. As the entire process of identifying, assessing, & controlling or evaluating risks is important, the ability to palliate risks is a critical project management attainment for the project manager to the master.

6. Cost Management: Monitoring the Budget

The project manager financial venture in a project is managing costs to adhere to the proposed and baseline budget.

7. Procurement Management: Selection of the Best Vendors

In order to fulfillment of both knowledge areas, the project manager must be skillful in the choosing of the best vendor based on price, features, ease and time. This is another good example where the project manager’s needs to have a rigorous understanding of the resources need to move the project frontward.

8. Quality Management: Quality Control

Meeting the prospects of stakeholders is the starting point of every project & quality management is how you acquire there. Quality management includes of three main aspects: quality assurance, quality planning, or quality control. There is a saying that you can only change what you can control & this is surely true with quality management. For the project manager this means having the skills to use the quality control tools & techniques to insure total quality management.

9. Project Integration: Maintaining Balance

The capability to balance these many responsibilities is one of the most specified skills among project managers. There are no shortcuts in project management & all PMBOK knowledge area required its well-deserved focus for the project manager to execute the project successfully from the planning level to the execution level.

10. Project Management and Technology

Technology permeates all of PMBOK knowledge areas & the project manager wants to have more than a formal understanding of newer technologies in order to use them efficaciously in the managing projects. Knowing where to find & how to use the latest software for project management is a wrathful skill for increasing personal & team productivity in many different manners.

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