5 Basic Phases of Project Management

  1. Project Management

Project management

It is the process and activity of planning, coordinating, and controlling resources, processes to achieve specific goals in scientific or daily problems. In any organization, only two faces of work exist—on-going processes and projects.

Project concept and initiation

A thought for a project will be careful examined to determine whether or not it is benefits for the organization. At the time in this phase, a decision making team identify if the project can realistically be completed.

Project definition and planning

In this phase, a team should prioritize the projects, calculate a finance budget and schedule, and determine whatever resources are needed. Project planning is a step to step activity in project management, where requirement is needed then documentation is created to check successful project completion. Documentation includes all activities required to explain, prepare, integrate and coordinate additional plans. The project plan clearly explains how the project is executed, controlled and closed.

Project launce and execution

Resources and tasks are hand out and teams are informed of duties. This is a good time toget important project related information. The aim of project execution is to develop the project or services. The conclusion of this level arrives when the product of the project is fully developed.

Project performance and control

Project managers compares project status and level of progress to the actual plan, and resources perform the according to schedule. During this phase, project managers may need to adjust agendas or do what is necessary to continue the project on track.

Project closed

After project work are completed and the client has approved the project, and evaluation is necessary to highlight project success and learn from project chronicle.

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