8 trends on project management

  1. 8 trends on PM

IMPORTANT PROJECT MANAGEMENT TRENDS ACCEPTED GLOBALLY Seeing to the increasing popularity of project management, it is equally important to know what the necessary trends are to project delivery.  From the viewpoints of  methodology and technology, the project management  industry   has shown growth each year at a faster rate.  The capital and other market factors continue to influence how the projects are being managed by the businesses. To start with, eight project management industry trends for 2015 are discussed below are:

1.  Take a step towards Agile: Day by day the popularity of Agile as one of the project management tool is increasing among the project managers. It takes away from following the same traditional waterfall method.  Its nature is to be speedy and to solve any issues in a quick manner using iteration process.  Iteration process means to develop a small phase of the entire project. Do its testing   and correct any issue if detected. And then move to another phase  for the development. Darren Thorp, the agile delivery manager, says: “Without the doubt the buzzword of the last few years has been agile. Agile software delivery has gained much popularity due to the need for faster and more responsive cycle times, and the move towards a less contractual and more collaborative way of working between the technology teams and the business.”

2. Email lasted:  There are various problems associated with the emails such as 1. it’s hard to convince new customers to subscribe; 2. hard to manage access. 3.  The possibility of E-mails to be delivered to wrong persons. Project managers stopped using e-mail. In its place, they have dedicated tools such as Slack, Yammer, and Salesforce Chatter. A highly useful but less-popular tool is Flowdock.

3. Gamification: The logic behind the Gamification is the same logic – rewards, points, and pay-outs – to enjoy the tasks. Now the  question arises can the gamification be applied in project management.?                                                                                                                                                                                                                   There are advocates. Paul Cackett, chief executive of Plaything and founder of collaboration tool Clear.as, says: “I’m sure that in the next three years we’ll start to see more research done between organizations globally with incentives to take part.

4.Cloud Computing: Better collaboration of documents resulted with the help of cloud computing from anywhere and from any device. One such example that provides the concept of cloud computing is the Google docs.  A single document can be utilized by the members of a team simultaneously. People can update the document as they complete their task. It is very helpful in doing the Project Management.

5.  Projects completed in different parts of geography: Nowadays a trend of outsourcing projects is very common .i.e. a part of a project is completed in India; the other part is completed in China. But the problem arises when there is a need to organize a meeting but different time zones comes in between. Here the technology acts as a boon for us as it provides a path of virtual meetings and conference calls. Meeting is necessary for accomplishment of excellent Project Management.

6. PMP certification: a need-As many are there who are struggling to get the entry in the project management field, many will turn to  get PMP certification to be ahead of others and have their legs in the field. PMP certification enhances their understanding of the Project Management field, attain networking opportunities and be able to compete. The field gets more stability with PMP certified project managers.

7. Collaboration using mobile: Sometimes project managers while executing project management have to work with the workforce at irregular hours and may do telecommunication with them. A study, in 2014, shows that the internet usage on the mobile exceeds the PC usage for the first time in history.

8. Risk Management: a popular topic -It is the most popular topic of project management for the project managers. But the introduction to the agile makes it necessary for the project managers.

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