8 Ways to Advance Your Project Management Career

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Project Management:

It is the practical application of cognition, skills and techniques to run projects effectively and expeditiously. It’s a strategically competency for organizations.

Project management procedures fall into five groups:

  • Starting
  • Planning
  • Performing
  • Monitoring
  • Controlling
  • Closing
  1. Be a strong communicator:

An effective communicator you want to conduct and manage people through two modes communications by showing your thoughts and prospects clearly, and hearing attentively to team member’s, neutrals and your sponsors. 

  1. Be strategic with your goals:

Managing tasks effectively requires being adjusted with an organization’s mission and strategically ends. You can advance strategic conceiving processes by development your emotional intelligence skills and maintaining an open dialogue with your management team about company position and overall vision.

  1. Play nicely with others:

A project manager wants to remember that theproduction requires the entire team. Treat people with regard but also be nice. Ignorerubrics and roles, and remember that how you treat other people things. Your vocation will expand as you gain respect and construct a network of people who will champ you and your career ends.

  1. Be result oriented:

Themortal who “gets things done” is going to go on your project management vocation. Results-oriented includes focus on the actions required to move the project frontward and doing them reexamining and evaluating the results of the performance, and then furnishing and getting uninterrupted feedback to better the overall performance for future loops.

  1. Building your soft skill

Your excited (emotional) intelligence is just of import as your expertness. Many of cases,especially, if you are looking at a management or leading position, having great soft skill an give you the competitor advantage if you are contending for a job or looking for your next project or publicity.

  1. Develop leadership skills:

Personal development and growth is crucial to project managers’ founding their vision, values and leadership styles. Creative break is growing as more organizations continue to develop and find directions to grow their brand stay competitors in the market place and retain customers. Leadership is a selection, not a place.

  1. Develop multi-face skill sets:

Many of organizations are running tasks of various sizes and complexness, so the requirement for employees who are knowledgeable in project management and in using agile methodologies will continue to be in high requirement.

  1. Build trust:

Cooperation in the workplace requires making relationships with your team, neutrals and sponsors.


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I am the founder and CTO of Precise Testing Solution(Software Testing Company) and Scopidea (Complete Project Management software).Before I started Scopidea, I worked as software company HCL in India. I have work for 300+ startup company as tester, team lead and project manager though various freelancer website like upwork,elance and freelancer. I created Scopidea to manage all project management, employee tracking, document management and invoice solution through one place. Scopidea is helpful for build transparent relation between employee, employer and client though task progress or time tracer. I received my B.E from IITM,Gwalior. I also hold Certification ISTQB,HP-QTP and agile. You can connect with me through https://www.facebook.com/scopidea

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