What is an Agile Defect Project Management

Agile is a design that manages the incremental, iterative method that helps to build activities of information technology, engineering, and other business areas, this helps in development done on the product and services in a highly flexible manner. This is the planning and the roadmap of the project process to execute things in the project easy and effective ways. In agile small section are created that is called iteration. Which helps to deliver the product in small parts and each part is rectified and check before its release. Delivering the product in small parts helps the development and testing team both to complete the project on time with more effective results. Agile iteration helps to get the insight of the project and determine what will be the next step in the process. And the time period for each iteration is two weeks. An Important benefit of agile defect project management is that it respond to issues on the spot as they arise throughout the process of the project. If the Important changes are done at the right time, then it helps to deliver the project successfully and can save many resources and cost to the company or the project.

Example like XYZ company is working for game software development and duration of that project is to be done in 7 months. And the company is not following agile method they are just following old method. They will start the project and developer will work on it and as they are following agile method so developer will develop the software complete with any iteration or changes and after the software is developed completely then the testing team will check its functionality and make required changes as the functionality and changes are made at the end of the project due to which the cost of fixing that issue or making any changes in the project will cost more and increased the project time and its resources. Which will be the loss to the company. But in the same case if the agile project management is used, then the game software project will be divided into small parts and each part is interlinked with each other and each iteration is tested completely which helps to rectify any issue in the early stage and fixing that issue cost is low in the early stage and if any changes needs to be made that can also be done on time this helps to save time and project will be finished on time.

Principles of Agile Leadership

Actions speak louder than words: The Agile leader is what they do what they say it reflects the benefits from their past events or situation. This defines their experience from the past events because they do more than walk or talk. This helps in change that they want to see in others.

Improved quality of thinking leads to improved outcomes: Agile leaders make space in the process so that they can think for the solution of the problem easily. Prioritizing the core value in the task is the key role in agile. Agile leaders need different types of problems so they have to extend their thinking form from the simple cause.

Organizations improve through effective feedback: Agile leaders helps in getting feedback on their own action which also helps the team to improve. Creating the environment in which feedback is acceptable for everyone will help to improve things in the project for greater success.

People require meaning and purpose to find work fulfilling: The Agile leader should check and finds ways to motivate each team member. They will take the time to learn, but they help to drive things in the project more better ways.

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