Why Agile or Scrum is Good from other Methodology?

  1. agile or Scrum

In conventional software engineering activity and the IT-Team collects all the requirements at the beginning of the development process. Some time they are not technical enough to collect all requirements, because if you are sending a team to collect requirement then its ok otherwise one person cannot win the match because he is not expertise for all field. In that scenario if they missed one demand, they won’t have the best structure. Conventional software engineering doesn’t consider the learning process. They do not anticipate that the demands will change in over time. In agile, team is working on sprint. Team is able to gather requirements sprint wise after understanding the scope of work.

Agile Team knows that it is not possible to collect all the necessity at the starting. They sample to write their software in this manner that it can be changed anytime. They try to take benefit from the learning activity. They give to the customer chance to interfere in development process at all time of the development process.

In traditional model, the main drawback is this that the team is not able to work in distributed mode. You are not able to complete your work when development team, testing team, marketing team and management team is in different cities in the world. In most of the cases you will miss deadline and requirement due to miscommunication.

But agile is very good methodology when you are working with distributed team or with freelancers.

Agile Teams are not such dependent on individual employees like traditionalistic teams. They do not separate the people in collecting requirements, project of the software & testing. All programmer’s involved in testing and the testing is component of programming, & it is involved in understanding the business field.  To communicating among with the members of agile teams, between the team & customer, is a lot of higher as in traditional teams.

Agile teams detest solutions that only some people can understand or maintain. They always try to findable the easiest blue prints.  The detailed knowledge is not concentrated to only a few central players. The loop cycles are too short. A team member shows his work for his team on daily basis. Frequently, they do their work in groups, and alter their partners often.  If a team member has troubles in performing his work, and the team realizes it very soon & can help him. Since, agile teams work very tightly together; beginners will studied very quickly from experienced people.

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