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Alexa Internet is a California based low-level company which provides commercial web traffic information. Founded as an autonomous company in 1996, Alexa was acquired through Amazon in 1999. It is toolbar collects information on browsing behavior & transmits it to the Alexa site, where it is stored & analyzed, forming the basis for the company web traffic reporting. According to this website, as of 2014, Alexa provides traffic information, global rankings & other data on 30 million websites, or its website is visited through over 8.8 million people monthly.

Alexa Internet was founded in 1996 through American web enterprisers Brewster Kahle & Bruce Gilliat.The Company’s name was chosen in court to the library of Alexandria, drawing a parallel amongst the biggest repository of knowledge in the ancient world & the potential of the Internet to become a similar a store of knowledge. The company offering a toolbar that gave the Internet users suggestions on where go to next based on the traffic patterns of its user community.


Alexa ranks websites based mainly on tracking a sample set of internet traffic users of its toolbar for Internet Explorer, Firefox & Google Chrome web browsers. The Alexa Toolbar involves a search box, a popup blocker, links to & the Alexa home page, and the Alexa ranking of the web site that the user is hitting. It also allows the user to rate the web site and view links to external, applicable sites. A number of the antivirus companies have assessed Alexa’s toolbar. A third party supplied plugin for the Firefox browser served as the only out comes after Amazon abandoned its A9 tool bar. On July 16, 2007, Alexa published an official tool bar for Firefox called “Sparky”. Originally, web pages were only ranked between users who had the Alexa Tool bar installed, & could be biased if a particular audience sub group was loath to take part in the ranking. Alexa confirmed this later in the day to an announcement that they had published an updated ranking system, claiming that they would now accepts into account various data sources “outside Alexa Toolbar users”.


By it is possible to delete a paid agreement within an Alexa account, it is not potential to delete an account i.e. created at Alexa by any web interface, & no means of contacting the company is allowed for to the account holders.

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