How Alexa Traffic Ranking works?

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What is Alexa Traffic Ranking?

alexa logoIn terms of Alexa Traffic Rank is a crude measurement of a website’s popularity, compared with all of the others, out of there is on the internet taking with account both the number of visitors and the figure of pages viewed on each and every visit. Alexa gathers traffic information on a daily from millions of users, who have put in the Alexa toolbar, or another sources, and then use a complex numerical or mathematical formula on three months’ worth of data to come at the ranking for each site.

How Alexa Ranking Works:

It is quite easy to get started. All of you have to do is visit the site and download and install the Alexa toolbar. This toolbar offering a search function but it mainly shows the rank of the visited site, besides the sites that have been visited by Web surfers that are related in some way to the site being visited.

Alexa toolbar not only shows information, but it also sends data to the cardinal server. Thus, each time you can visit a Web page through a Web browser that has the toolbar installed, information is sent to server indicating your IP or the page you are visiting. Such information is gathered from all the Web users who have Alexa toolbar.

How accurate Alexa Traffic Rank?

You should stand in mind that the rankings are calculated using traffic information is collected, only from the users who have the Alexa toolbar is already installed, and who may or may not be representative sampling of all those who use the internet. As the output, number of visitants to each website may not be accurately estimated; particularly where that site is receives the relatively few visitors

Ways to Improve Alexa Ranking:

  1. Download or install the Alexa toolbar and then surf your site.
  2. Position the Alexa widget on your site. It will tempt the visitors to check it out, or you know, each and every click counts.
  3. Write the posts on your blogs or articles about Alexa. You will get the links of your pages that will help improve and better your ranking.
  4. Write practicable, quality content, mostly web master related. Promote on webmaster forums or on social networking sites.

How Alexa Traffic Ranking is determined:

Alexa is traffic estimates and ranks that are based on the browsing behavior of people in our world wide data panel which is a sampling of all internet users. Alexa is the Traffic Ranks are based on the traffic information provided by users in Alexa’s world wide data panel over a rolled for 3 month period. Traffic Ranks are updated in daily basis. A website’s ranking is based on a combined measure out of unique visitors or page views. Unique visitors are intended by the figures of unique Alexa users who visit the web sites.

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