Basic point Creating a Quality Team

  1. 7 Basic point Creating a Quality Team

Main motto to create quality team is to get better and on time solution of any project so that client will happy and company gets benefited. For completing any work on time, team work is required. For teamwork we need to create a quality and skilled team. If each and every person does not work well, it’s not possible to get quality result. you can achieve quality only if each individual and the team are focused on creating quality and delivering value. Here’s how this works:

For create quality team you need to take care of some point seriously

1 Choose skill person

Choose skill person for your team, skilled person able to deliver quality and expected result.

Accepting error without criticizing people, yet also be honest and clear

about the cost of error and continuously learn and teach new ways to

prevent and eliminate error.

There is no end to the amount of improvement we can make by focusing

on quality according to client requirement and unlimited goal to make customer happy.

2 Distribute equal work on team

Do not give all work to one person. Distribute all work equally to the team.

If any person completes his work before time, allow him to leave office and set an example for other employees.

* If any employee is slow in his work motivate the member and offer to do help.

* Setting up fair team rules that create quality results.

*Define value for the whole project and let the team know the benefit that the customers and the company will receive as a result of

the project.

3 Monitor Team work

Plan work by defining the quality of each deliverable as what is needed for its use as input of the next process.

* Check each other’s work and offer their work to be checked by each

* Check their inputs as soon as they are available, so that rework,when it is needed is done in a right away.

* Everything will be checked by two people before it leaves the company

4 Keep equal ratio of skill person

Always maintain equal ratio of team member, for example keep one 4:1 developer and tester ratio. So that no one gets overloaded with work. If need resource for any work ,try to convince management do not or distribute work in team member and also take part in this extra work. Always think as a part of team.

5 Understand the team member problem

Try to understand team member’s problem and if needed talk to management to solve problems. Always be with the team in good as well as bad. Treat team member as a family.

Try to Keep your team member away from internal company politics

Always guide your team member to keep away for company internal politics, If needed take appropriate action against those who does politics and destroy friendly environment. Because politics will affect your work and work environment.

7 Create friendly environment and motivate team

Keep hassles out of the way, ensuring that each team member has all that is needed to do the job and focus on quality.

Appreciates and rewards quality work.

Listens to the team members and use ideas of the team for quality work.

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