How to become a certified PMP

  1. Certified PMP

Who should apply?

PMP recognizes demonstrated the capacity in leading or directing project teams. If you are an experienced project manager looking to coagulate your skills, standout to employers or maximize your earning potential, and the PMP credential is the right choice for you. PMI’s credential is the most valuable; industry recognized the certifications for the project managers. Worldwide recognized or solicited, PMP demonstrates that you have experience, and education or competency to lead & the direct projects.

Some phases for getting the PMP certification:


Reviewing the needs, and getting the necessary education for hours, & etc. Prepare for the exam using any episodic study materials. There are several websites online that offer helps with the PMP test, or books released to help you in your studies.


This is the most very difficult part of the whole journey. You have to give the document in the required training and project’s hours in your application.  In the application processing, PMI endeavor the process applications in a timely way. At application processing time line, it depends on how you submit your applications either online using certification system, and on paper sent through postal mail to PMI. The application submitted by online it has the processing time 5 calendar days, and by a paper it is 10 business days.


Using the preparation materials to prepared for the examination. Read the Handbooks again & understands the all rules. Initiates reading on the internet about PMP exams, experience of recent successful PMP’s, lessons learnt during the processes, etc.


To give test after finished the preparation. Go for your scheduled exam location. After you have passed test, you will be awarded your PMP’s certification. There is no break allowed during exam. If you require taking a break, you can do so, but the clock is keep going. It is the 4 hour test including of 200 questions, out of which 25 questions are pre-test. You required scoring the 106 out of 175 questions. The pre-test questions are not known. So for each practical purpose, you require to score 131 out of 200 questions.

How to Become Certified Project Management Professionals:

Check if you are able to take the PMP’s Certification Examination:

  • You must have at least 4500 hours in project management experience.
  • If you do not have a Bachelor’s degree, then you must have a high school’s diploma.

In this situation, you must have 7500 hrs. in project management experience. You will still require for going by 35-hour project management training.

Once you meet the eligibility scale, become the member of PMI & fill in the form for taking the examination:

  • Almost the whole process is online. When you fill in the application form, or meet the eligibility requirements, you will receive an eligibility letter within a week time.
  • Although it is not a mandatory to become a PMI’s member, it has some advantages in form of exam’s fees, which is more than the offset of membership fees.

Once you seen the available of examination dates and you should decide to either study independently with a target:

  • The average study time is 2 to 3 months independent and 3 to 5 days enrolled in a class.
  • Difference between independent and professionals study is a simple time to value of equation.
  • The average success rate to independent study is roughly 60 percent for first time test takers verses 95+ percent for guided programs 

Advantages of PMP certification:

There are numerous advantages of PMP certification for project managers. These are involved:

  1. Increased the assuredness in the delivery of projects from a distinguishable understanding of the reasonable project management processes. With the bit of sensible application, it can be applied for project large or small.
  2. Increase the salary, PMI research and displays the PMP on average paid 15 percent of more than PMP certified project managers. This is an increasingly important in more or various challenging business environments.
  3. Increased the recognitions of your role as the professional project managers because you will catch the qualification which distinguishes, you as the professional project manager.
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