Best Practices for Successful Project Management

Project management  is key to the success of the project  if it uses effectively in the development process. Successful project management is a process that evaluates the plan in terms of how to execute it. How it will work and will be the out what will be the cost incurred. All these things are decided first and successful project management helps to in all of that. Sometimes with the failure of any project, you might think to complete the project anyhow with little success as well. These things can be rectified with the effective project management process. Every organization wants to complete the project faster, cheaper and at its best. Only effective project management can give the best result in the process. This List of managing the major phases of the project.


Plan the work by utilizing a project document definition: In IT industry There is a tendency of shortchange process and directly jumps in to start doing the work.  And that’s the very big mistake. F your properly spending time in plannings things that how to execute things in a proper planned way,  then it will help you to reduce the cost and deliver the high-quality product and increase the life of the product. This will help in customer satisfaction and increase the revenue of the company. Project definition should include the following:

  • Project overview: You should know that. What are the business drivers? What will be the benefits? What will be the cost incurred?
  • Objectives:  You should have the clear picture that what will be going to achieve in this process. You should be clear with your objective in the starting of the project.
  •  Scope: you should know what features you are implementing and what will the impact of that in the process. What is out of scope.
  •  Assumptions and risks: You should know what you’re taking for granted and And calculate the risk factor accordingly.
  •   Approach: You should be clear with your approach that how you will proceed and what will be your targeted goals.


Create a planning horizon:  Creating a work plan is the most important part because this helps in a clear picture of how you will work step by step in delivering the project on time. You can take a help  of similar plan as a model to work in an effective way If you have any. Your work plan should be in detail as for how to assign the resource and how will you estimate your work as per your comfort this is called planning the horizon. This will move forward as the project progresses.


Define project management procedures up front:  This will help you to outline resource  and that will help to manage the process.  This will include that how the team will manage scope change, issues, quality, risk, quality, communication. The process should  manage carefully so that every team member should have a common understanding that it will be managed.

Manage the work plan and monitor the schedule and budget: Now you can begin the execution of your work. Now the only challenge is executed in the correct way.  I can understand that no project can be done exactly as it was planned. The challenge is how you  proactively manage your successful project management skills for the success of the project. Check your work plan regular that how the project is progressing in terms of budget and schedule.


Ensure the scope change requests:  To control the project activity, managing scope is the most important part. Sometimes the reason for project failure is when focusing on minor and major delivery that was not the part of our project plan or business requirement. Scope change request should be clear to everyone for the success of the project.

Guard against scope creep:  Scope creep is the name given to the small changes happen in the process without scope management. This doesn’t affect the project, but it can give overall impact to the project. And guard against this is important so that no big change is made without scope management because that can lead to project failure.


Identify risks up front: When you are planning the project at that point you should identify all the risk that can be occurred in the process and make plans to reduce that when it occurs in the process. As soon as the project begins performing the updated risk assessment whether another risk can be managed or not. Resolve all issues  as quickly as possible  because that can create a risk in the process  later if not resolve in time. Real issue must be resolved at urgency.

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