How to helpful Bug or Issue tracking system for developer and tester??

  1. issue tracking system or bug tracking system works First the issue is reported on the form then developer attempt to confirm that it is the valid issue or not

The Issue tracking system or bug tracking is the tool which helps developer and tester to find issue easily and report and share details to all team members easily from the same tool which helps the developer to fix the issue more easily and fast with the help of issue tracking system or bug tracking tools. Issue tracking is the bug or defect that comes in software development process which causes the unwanted stop in a software project, which is a loss to the company so to track that in the software before it does more damage to the project issue tracking system is used to resolve that problem.

Example how issue tracking system or bug tracking system works First the issue is reported on the form then developer attempt to confirm that it is the valid issue or not then he confirmed it as yes or no to the issue and if he need more information for that issue then he will request for that then tester will provide more information about the issue then issue will be mark as confirmed on the tracker and it will be register and developer will start working on that issue and as soon as it is resolved then he will update that in the tracker as issue or bug resolved and if issue directly updated on the bug tracker then as very one is working on the same platform they can know the status of that issue as open , confirmed or pending this will helps other team mates to work accordingly on the project. This tracker helps developer and tester to well communicate with each other in well organized and systematic manner which helps in better collaboration within the team. Buy this if the customer calls in for any report anyone can give the exact working details on the project with all the relevant status of the project. There is many free issue tracking system.

Issues resolving stages via issue tracking system

Issue is mainly consist of status like open, pending, confirm and ready


whenever you report any issue the status will come new or open. Then the developer will first check the issue whether it is right or not like it can be reproduced or not are you able to confirm it or not or it is duplicate reported issue or whether it is a known issue or not when the developer confirms all these things then he confirms the issue.

Information Required

Now, as the issue is reported now developer needs the complete detail information about the issue because if the developer gets the correct and relevant information about the issue, then it will be easy resolve otherwise developer will mark as unconfirmed and will close the case so detail information is must for any issue.

Needs Review

Now cms maintainer will check and review decision in this process more information is required from the same person who has reported the issue because he is the only person who knows about the issue better because he has reported it in the first place.


That means now it confirmed that it is the bug and reported successes. Now developer will resolve it step by step with clear instruction that how to reproduce the problem and fix it.


It means issue fixing is still under process and patch has submitted now tester should have the complete instruction how to fix with the help of patches.

Ready to commit

That means two people have tested the issue now and it is working fine and according to the software. On some issues you may require more people to test one file or issue, it depends on the quality of the issue.

Fixed in Code Base

That means the issue is fixed in the form of code patches and it is verified and check with JBS coordinator and it will be released in the next maintenance.

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