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  1. Bug Tracking

Bug Tracking System is a software application designed to keep records of software bugs that are reported in software projects

It is also known as defect tracking system or issue tracking system. Usually, a project management tool/software contains the bug tracking system with other applications.

The main important part of a bug tracking system is its database that contains the information about the reported bugs. The information about bug is related to its reported time, its level, name of the person reported it and the one who is working on and fixing it.

How the bugs reported in an effective manner?

In the bug report clearly mention the actual detail of the bug. Do not repeat the bug with the same information; if you are repeating the same then provide the additional details helpful for the programmer in improving the bug easily.

Available Bug tracking system:

Various times it is asked, what the best bug tracking systems are, which one we should opt for. This question seems difficult to answer as different developers use different tools.

1. Github is the bug tracking system. Besides issue tracking, it provides filtering, keyboard shortcuts, security etc.

2. Crashlytics: It shows the present number of users using the application on a live chart.

3.Trello: It is another bug tracking software.

The all the three above are well suited for small teams.

4. Scopidea: Scopidea is online project management software for small and large teams. Bug tracking system is one of its tools designed with the aim for the developers and the testersto develop highly efficient error free great applications.

The bug tracker/bug tracking system of the Scopidea is capable to provide the status of the project instantly. It keeps the history of the changes made for the future reference. Since all the information is present under one roof in detail, it is an opportunity for the developers to improve the quality of the application.

Thus the developer and the associated designer, tester and the client are satisfied. All these features make it reliable. Poor or the improper communication is the main cause for the failure of any project. But Scopidea bug tracker remove this problem by ensuring that good quality communication must held among user and team members. This results in better productivity at low cost.

5. Jira Detractors: This is another bug tracker for the large team. It is not used as bug tracker but also for project management as well as change management tool.

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