• What is an Agile project management

    Agile is a design that manages the incremental, iterative method that helps to build activities of information technology, engineering, and other business areas, this helps in development done on the product and services in a highly flexible manner. This is the planning and the roadmap of the project process to execute things in the project […]

  • What is Invoicing software

    An Invoice is a bill or financial record for goods purchased or sell this has detailed information for which product or service you are charging and for how much amount. An Invoice is an open report of your purchase or sale done or you can say receipt or proof of goods purchased or sell and […]

  • What is Bug Tracking and its best practices

    A bug is an error that comes while developing the software. A bug is a programming issue that comes in software when some features of that software stop working or creating errors in the software that is called a bug.  Bug finding is done by the testing team first the software is developed to then […]

  • The best part of saas software is you just need internet on your devices and then you can easily access the application from any device

    What is SAAS software? And How its beneficial for organizations?

    Saas is the service’s license for the software application on a subscription basis. Saas helps to use different application or software over the internet which helps the user to collaborate with team easily and more effectively example like emails, office tools EtC. Saas is complete application solution which helps you to access your app over […]

  • What is Project management and its Process

    Project management is managing your assigned task in proper and systematic manner and that can be handled individually or by groups as well. Project management works like a backbone in completing the task with some beneficial result. It is a process of leading the team of a capable individual in planning or implementing a series […]

  • Benefits of Document management system

      You are a startup or freelancer or any big company if you want to run your business effectively and smoothly,  then you need a good document management system it helps in good customer experience and also helps to fulfill the basic needs of business. Document management system is used to store, edit, and share […]

  • What is Time tracker and Reason to track time

    Time tracker is a software that helps to record the time of the work you performed. Time is most precious things once gone it will not come back again so you should know how you are spending your time what is the outcome you are getting by that or how productive you are using your […]

  • What is Issue Tracking And its Advantages

    Issue Tracking is a software that helps the company or developer to record a different type of error that occurs while developing any software. This type of software keeps the record of all the errors and keep the follow up of that error and send notification till it is not resolved. Issue tracking is mainly […]