Communication is Key to Successful Project Management

  1. Communication is Key to Successful Project Management

What is communication?

The exchanging of information’s through writing, speaking, and using some other way.

5 key points to successful project management

  1.  Understanding client requirements:

The initial step is making sure the client’s requirements are understood or communicated clearly to project team. Any changes of that are needed can proved costly or time consuming, especially as the project progress activity. So, if all the requirements & expectations are fully understood before any task initiates, the projects will get off on the right feet & the chance of problems developing down the line will be less.

  1.  Planning

To ensure each work is completed on time or within the budget, it is very important to have a clear the plans of action, explanation i.e. responsible for what, what work is needed, when work required to be delivered, plus any other important useful data’s the project team may require. It is much easier for people’s to get on with their work, and when they have a clear opinion of what is expected of them.

  1.  Clear communication

A Clear communication is very important for any job, but generally so for project management. Effective communications result in every team member knowing their role or what is expected of them helping the reduce tension or stress levels. Additionally, it is important to communicate effectively with customers, keeping them in loop with project progresses & communicating their correspondence with episodic team members.

  1.  Managing change

No matter, how well a project is handled. The project managers’ role is, at the starting of the project, to expect any problems and potential areas for change or create plans to deal with them. During the projects, their role is to use the skills or techniques mentioned in the first four points to controls the change effectively.

  1.  Evaluation

Upon the project completion, it is important for the project manager to re-view the performance against the opening aims of the project. What were the problem fields of the project? Was the project delivered on time & in budgets? BY this analysis is important insights can be obtains into, how the processes can improve for next project.

The Importance of Communication in Project Management

  1. Communication is the Key of Successful Project Management

If project staffs do not know, what their actions are, and how to finish them, then the whole project will be piece to a halt. If you do not know, what the project staffs are doing then you will be incapable to supervise project progress. If you are un-certain of what the customers expect of you, then the project will not be even get off the ground.

  1. The Information that You Need to Give

As the Project Manager, it is yours job to keep a number of people well informed. It is necessary for that, your project staff knows- what is requisite of them; when they have to do it, or what budgets and time constraints or quality specification they are working to ward’s.

It is very important for that, the Project Manager updates with the Project Board regularly on the status of the project’s, so that any changes and risks can be assessed, project progress can be evaluated against the real Business Case or a project i.e. not fulfilling it’s of the purpose & matching the value of it is input can be called to a halt.

  1. The Information that You Need to Receive

In manner to keep the episodic (incidental) people informed, you must have daily & complete access to whole information about the project; customer required objectives, constraints, plan, changes and risks or progress.

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