How to Create Online Portfolio

  1. online portfolio

Firstly we explain the meaning of portfolio; it is a grouping of financial-assets such as bonds, stocks or cash equivalents, as-well-as their mutual, exchange traded or closed fund counter parts. Portfolios are held directly through investors or managed by financial-professionals.

  • Take a step back, & curate your good work:

Take time to look at all of the work & carefully choose the correct piece’s for the portfolio. It displays only projects that you’re really proud of, that look best, or that use the best elements. Choose at-least the five projects so you can demonstrate the breadth of the work but be selective. Quality of the portfolio is only as good-as your weakest project.

  • Use eye catching images, or share the back stories:

The visitors like to know the story-behind your finished work, so think about representing your processes from starting concept, to early sketches, to finish the product. Good rule of the thumb is to presents a whole piece first, followed through more detailed shots for show the precision of your craft. Stylized and attractive photography is a nice step, as-long-as it does not distract from the work itself.

  • Keep website design simple:

When designing the portfolio, you wants website i.e. straight forward. You want the content to be focal-point, rather than a distracting design. The web site is a vehicle for individual to find your work. You do not want site to be overly flashy and un-conventional that’ll make the content more difficult for access.

  • Add distinctive components or broad-cast your work:
  • Mention awards/prizes:

If you’ve mentions in awards, do include them.

  • Invite the contacts:

If you are looking for freelance or contract-work, consider the using a contact form the portfolio.

  • Make sharing-easy:

Including the buttons for share your work on social-media like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ it can help bring the more exposure or an audience for your site. Promote the work on social-media, whenever you add the new projects for draw the attention to fresh work as-well-as your overall portfolio.

Advantages of Online Portfolio

  • Professional way to show case your work

Building the web site about your brand or experience is a polished path to share the expertise with others. The websites can be more creative & innovative than the traditional portfolios & are able to share with someone in the world.

  • Great first impression to employer

If the employer sees your web site link in the signature and on your resume, they will likely clicks on it for see, what you have built.

  • Shows you are more than just a resume

Because, of flexibility of the online portfolio, you are able to show your personality by choosing the layout, design, & the copy you write.

  • Flexibility

With clicks of button, you can change the contents, copy, videos or pictures on online portfolio. You can also regularly create a new content to add in your site for show the continuous learning process whether employed and not.

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