How to Create a Sales Funnel

  1. Sales Funnel

Sales Funnel

Sales funnel refers to buying-process that the companies lead customers by when purchasing the products. The sales funnel is divided into many steps, which differ the depending on particular sales-model. A Sale funnel works through attracting the potential-customers with free and very low cost items, & then convincing these potential-customers to sign-up on your mailing list and subscribe for your RSS feeds. The common sales-process is divided into several phases including:

  1. Interest-Phase: – In this prospect demonstrate the interest in a product through conducting the product-research.
  2. Evaluation-Phase: – In this section prospect companies examine the competitors’ solutions, as they toward the final buying-decision.
  3. Decisions Phase: – In this section, a final decision is reached or negotiations begins.
  4. Purchases Phase: – In this section, the goods and services are purchased.
  5. Re-evaluations Phase: – In the B2B sales it’s a common for offerings to include the contracts that need to be re-newed. As the customer becomes familiar with an offering & especially as the contract-draws to-a close, the customer will enter re-evaluation phase during which they will decide whether or not for renew their contract.
  6. Re-purchase Phase: – In this section, a customer re-purchases the product or services.

You have the largest number of potential-customers on your mailing list, or gradually smaller-numbers of actual customers as price of the services increases.

Attract leads

How you attract clients’ interested in the services for your website:

  1. Post the blog entry that offers free advice.
  2. Get mentions in the press.
  3. Meet the potential clients on Facebook or Twitter.
  4. Ensure that your contents can be-found in search-engines.
  5. Publish the articles on other web sites.
  6. Free product and service

Exchange for the potential clients’ contact information, items such as:

  1. Audio-recordings
  2. White-papers
  3. News-letters

The white paper is an official report and guides that helping the readers understand the issue, and solve the problem, & make decisions. The White papers are used in two main spheres: business-to-business marketing or government.

  1. E-courses
  2. Mini e-books
  3. Resources lists or forms
  4. Free-graphics
  5. One time tele-seminars
  6. Free-consultations

Low cost items

It offers the range of low cost goods you developed that offer your-expertise without having the client work-directly with you. They include:

  1. Workshops
  2. E-books
  3. Group-coaching
  4. Membership of sites
  5. Video and audio series

Medium for high cost items

These are clients they pay you well to your expertise or also give you the valuable experience for build the portfolios of work-experience. The medium to-high-priced items might involve the

  1. One on one coaching and consulting
  2. Monthly-retainer client
  3. Project-management work
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