DMS:Document Management Systems

  1. Document Management Systems

A Document Management System is designed to store and manage documents digitally. It is also used for tracking electronic documents. Document Management System keeps your documents available for use everywhere and at any time as and when required as they are digitally present.

Features offered by DMS:

  • When any person makes a change in the document, it must not write over other person’s change made.
  • It must track the changes made, what and when.
  • An older version of the document can be accessed when needed.


Government says that industries which are related to certain fields (such as medicines, Information Technology, etc.) must control their documents for the privacy, warranty purposes, etc. These documents include- work procedures and instructions, policy statements. If these are not kept under control can result in loss to business, decline in reputation.

Documents control must include following features:

1. Before releasing documents they must be reviewed and approved.

2. Changes are clearly noticed and identified.

3. When the documents are needed, they must be      available for use.


Scopidea is one of the best Document Management Software with certain new and unique features besides some existing features.

Scopidea is linked with drives available online such as Google drive, one drive, and drop box. So that you get a direct access form a single place to use your files loaded on these drives with Scopidea. Not only this, you can upload, share files with these drives also. If you want to edit something in the existing documents, you can make a change using our software.

Other associated features are:

1. An automatically generated email notification regarding any change made.

2. A zip file of your documents can be attached.

3. You can be updated with the schedule of the changes made (what and when) as it always tracks the changes made.

4. Shared person will not be able to see the document after its expiry.

5. Have a facility of quick search of the documents as we value your time.

6. Team members working on a project can share their documents via email to save their time in meetings and thus always remain updated with the status of project.

7. Provide you with a unique well-structured folder to maintain your documents.

8. Get rid of downloading documents again and again to view your documents, you can preview them as per your wish.

May be any other data management software is equipped with these features.

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