What is Document Management, why it is important

  1. Document Management System

Document Management

> Document management is the activity of locating, storing, updating, and sharing data for the aim of work progress in business outcomes. Centralized sharing or data storage within particular server’s help organizations access information efficiently and effectively, along with securing saved data. Programs and servers are used in the action of document management. Important information is centralized, as defend to decentralized or difficult to locate.
This activity includes that:-
>> Storage Location
>> Security and access control
>> Version control
>> Audit trails

Structured document management is being able to access information quickly. Document management has long dismissed by many companies, but i.e. changing fast. The electronic documents are advanced business is as well as often taken totally for allowed. The documents also used more than of all time by people in several countries and communicating or cooperating.A burst in the number of documents that a company needs does not help. If their storage and regulation are badly organized, these documents become useless because they are nearly impossible to find.

Why it is important

1. Flexible Indexing
Indexing paper in more than one way can be done, but it is sticky costly and time-consuming. Images of documents stored within a document management can be indexed in several different ways at the same time.
2.Controlled and Improved Document distribution
Imagination makes it easy to share information electronically with workers and clients over a network, by email or via the Web in a controlled mode. Paper documents usually require photocopying to be shared, and photographic film requires conversion to paper. This provides a cost saving by reducing the overheads related with paper based document dispersion, such as printing and postage and removes the typical hold linked with furnishing hard copy information.
3. Improved Security

4. Many document management checks allow access to documents to be checked at the fold and/or document phase for different groups and individuals. Paper documents stored in a conventional filing cabinet or registering room have the same level of security i.e. if you have access to the cabinet you have access to all items in it. A document management can allow for better, more flexible control over sensible documents.


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