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The Google Chrome is a Web browser and it is based on open source Chromium projects. The Google released the Chrome in 2008 & issues many updates a year. It’s available for the Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X, Android or iOS.

Chrome does the great job of updating the extension’s automatically, but this check for updates on it is own schedules. By manually updates the Add-ons, just head-to chrome extensions in the address bar & clicks on Developer Mode button present on the right side of header. From there, you had should see “Update Extension Now” button pop-up on right side.

Ways to updates google chrome’s extension:

Make sure that the Google Chrome browser is up-to-date is essential for your computer security. You will also miss-out on the lot of new features or usability improvements, if you do not the updates. Google chrome typically keeps itself up-to-date, but if you require to manually updating the Chrome, it will only takes a minute.

1. Look at Menu (Customize and control google chrome) button.

This is located in upper right side corner of Chrome windows. If bars are the orange, green, and red, then the update is available.

2. Clicks on the “Menu” button.

This will opens a list of the Chrome “menu” options.

3. Select the “About Google Chrome”.

This is presented towards bottom, between Settings or Help. The new tab will opens in the Chrome window.

  • If you have the pending updates that have been waiting for the several days, you might see the “Update Google Chrome” option display in this menu.

4. Wait for update to install.

Opening the page and it will automatically attempts to update the Chrome. After updating it is finished the installing, and clicks on the Re-launch button to re-start the Chrome as new version.

 5. Re-installing the Chrome, if updates don’t Works:

Clicks on Chrome Menu (Customize and control Google chrome) button. Select the “Settings” or ensures that you are logged-in with your Google’s account.

  1. If you are having the difficulties in installing and update, your installation might have become depraved. The easier path to fix this problem is to un-install and re-installs the Chrome. If your Google account was synced to the Chrome, you won’t lose the any of your settings.
  2. Re-installing google chrome and it will install latest version available.

6. Close any open Chrome window’s.

 7. Opens Control Panel from Start menu in your computer.

1.If you are the using of OS X, clicks or drag Google Chrome icon from the Application’s folder.

2. Clicks on the “Programs or Features” and “Un-install a program”.

8. Selects the “Google Chrome” from list or click on “Uninstall”.

9. Visits Google Chrome web site. Enters the ( into browser or clicks on the “Download Chrome” button.


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