Employee-Boss Relationships and How it’s Improves

A boss & employee-relationship is important for company’s productivity. A relationship i.e. built on the trust & understanding can make employee or manager more-efficient. A poor-relationship that lacks the cohesiveness will dampen the productivity & can lead for the high rates of employee’s turnover. There are many elements that make-up a boss & employee’s relationships that needs to be understood through both parties to the relationship to be effective.

Channels for Improve the Employee/Boss Relationships:

  • Increase the positive-emotional-connections with others. Just like flu and cold, emotions are infectious. If leader is angry and frustrated that emotions spreads for others. On other hand, if leader is positive or sanguine those emotions also spread. Be aware of your-emotional state & work for dispersion the positive emotion’s.
  • Display the rock-solid integrity. Do others trust you to keep your-commitments & promise? We like those we-trusted, we dislike those-we distrusted.
  • Cooperate with one another’s. Few leaders believe they are in competition with from others in organization; however, purpose of an organization is to unite-employees for work together in common purpose.
  • Be a trainer, mentor or teacher. Think regarding someone, who has helped you develop and learn the new skill. How do you feel’s about that the person? Most of individuals have fond or positive-memories of coaches or mentors.
  • Be an inspiration’s. They demand the excellence, & they insist the employee achieve straight objectives. In the other-words, they push. But in actually, best bosses are not perpetually-pushing. While they “push” at the specific moments in time, most successful-leaders are actually most-effective at “pulling,” through rolling-up their sleeves when necessary & pitching in with team. They’re also effective in the painting-picture of how things will be better. Inspiring the leader’s & likability go hand-in-hand.
  • Be visionary or future-focused. When-you don’t know, where you’re or where you’re going, it makes trip-seem interminably longer or substantially less-fun. When the employees do not clearly understand, where they’re headed & how they’ll get there, it makes them frustrated & dissatisfied. They feel like passenger with no-control and some other options except for complain.
  • Ask to feedback &make an effort for change. Here’s big problem: If you ask the leaders if they’re likable and unlikable, vast majority would rate themselves as the likable. Reality is that, most of the people imagine they’re more likable than they really are. Only accurate-assessment or the one of that matter most, is perception of another’s.   Feedback from the others and helps leaders for understand their impact (negative or positive) that they’ve on others.
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