End is near for windows XP

  1. Windows XP Near Dead

What is Windows XP?

The Windows XP is a personal computer OS that produced through Microsoft as the part of Windows NT family of OS. The OS was released for manufacturing on 24, August-2001, & generally released to retail sale on 25, October-2001. The Microsoft-Windows XP was introduced in 2001 & it is the most significant upgrade for Windows OS since Windows-95. The Windows XP is twelve years old, but the computers expert says nearly 30 % of desktops still in use it. It remains the second most popular OS version.

Acc. to the Net Market Share reports to March-2012, Windows XP users amount to 46.86 percent of total-market share of the desktop OS in use. Most of 92 percent of desktop users work on Windows platform, so XP share is the fairly-large chunks of that market. The Windows-7 is close behind with 37.54 percent users preferring it. Nevertheless, the majority of users will require for initiates the planning their shifts from the Windows XP.

Acc. to cyber security experts that says the end of Microsoft’s security updates is the big news because hackers or scammers are making to be targeting the computers still using of XP. It means of that, no technical-support & the new software-patches will be available. A cadre of the motivated peoples continuously seeks-out weakness in Windows, which Microsoft-subsequently closes with software-patches.

Latest word on the street is that, this will be free upgrade to existing Windows-8 users. But, even if the Microsoft keeps its word or drops support for the Windows XP, the third party antivirus or anti malware sellers will continue to the offer few level of protection for the Windows XP users. These updates are vital for smooth functioning of OS as they bringing with them the security updates for protection against the latest-viruses & they also providing latest device drivers or software that maintain reliability of machine.

In the addition to security & compliance-risks, the lack of ISV (Independent Software Vendors) or hardware manufacturer’s supports will also afflict the potential users. Staying power of XP has been remarkable to an industry, where something i.e. 3 years old is considered out of the date or 5 years ago is pristine history. If you continue for running the Windows XP on your PC, Microsoft says you are on your own just under the year. You can maybe keep the XP going with the good anti-virus package, but that will only protects you from known-threats.

Disadvantages of Windows XP

  1. Microsoft severely-limits use of comfort for Windows XP OS, in which each user must activate Microsoft on definite period.
  2. The viruses can attack on Windows XP6 often. Systems those are less stable.
  3. Cost is expensive
  4. Absence of JVM as the Windows previous generations.
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