Ethics in Project Management

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What is Ethics?

In general words; ethics is the moral principle of that governs a person’s behavior and the conducting of an activity.

Ethics in Project Management

  1. Professional and Ethical Obligations:

Project Management is the complicated work, or such ethics invariably included the gray areas of judgment & interpretation.  Project management professionals; we have duty to promote the ethical practices at our work area. We should accept the duties that come with our task’s activities. Project manager, it’s our responsibility to make decisions about project actions that may have an ethical extension that must be considered.

  1. Integrity:

A project management professional, one of our duties is to ensure the integrity of project manager activity, the product, or our own personal conduct. Certainly, high personal ethics, moral believes or training in ethics can help in make good better decisions.

  1. Conflict of Interests:

According to PMI members, to report the customers, stakeholders & others any actions and circumstances that could be construed as a conflict interest.

  1. Confidentiality of Information’s:

According to PMI, to maintains the confidentiality or privacy of clients, customer’s; employer or similar task of information, involving the confidentiality of customer’s or client identities, assignments under taken & other information obtained by the course of professional’s relationship, granted through permission by the customer, client and employer & maintenance of the confidentiality and otherwise un-ethical & un-lawful.

  1. Duty to the project team:

Many of the organizations claim lot for enhancing the employee’s professional development. Author’s research has found that in actuality training or of has been the least important in priority of many of the organizations researched.

  1. Taking responsibilities of your own activities:

To accepts the responsibility of their own activities. As a Project management professional, our anxiety for project & the organizations should take precedence of over our feelings.

  1. Violations of Basic Rights of Workers:

Many of the project managers miss use their powers through violating the basic rights of the workers. They engage with their team members and even after office timings. Additional, they do not give them any leave even if there is any emergency. These things down the motivation phase of team members.

  1. Back stabbing:

It comes to project managers, and then back stabbing is very common. Project managers always back stab their team members specifically those who are lower than them. It is highly un-ethical.

  Benefits of Ethical Behavior:

An ethical business practices attracts good qualified, better motivated job applicants.

  1. Reduce the un-ethical behavior in the organization.
  2. Many of ethical counsel seeking in the firm.
  3. Increase the awareness of ethical issues.
  4. Increase the employee commitment.
  5. Good decision making.
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