How to explain DeskTime to employees

  1. DeskTime to employees

Everybody knows the time is very important or in other hand we can say that the “time is money”, which is why it is so vital to make most of work hours, & why you are using the Desk Time to keep-up with your employees. The problems often lay in the explaining of software, so that it does not come off like a big sibling espionage tool.

Why use of Desk Time?

Find or eliminates the wasted time

Easily seeing where the employee’s unproductive and they spent the time. This will be helps you to increase the company’s productivity.

Understands what’s happening at tasks

A reports system will display’s you both entire organization’s work outcome, as well as individuals. They give the visualization of your employee’s time use to understand the general tendencies. It will display’s you who daily are late, as-well-as your most productive employees.

Tracks your projects to bills your clients

Indicates which the projects you are working on, in order to rightly understand the mass of time you spend on the different type of projects. This will allows you to correct bill your clients, & avoid the mistakes in the time tracking. You can later exports this data to CSV for correct billing time.

Fully automatic

It is the simplest time tracking software you will ever use. No any data entry. Too many time-tracking apps ask you to do all works, whereas the Desk Time will calculate the all automatically.

Here are the few points you can use to explain use of Desk-Time:

Productiveness feedback

To see the where your time is going is first & most vital reason for using the Desk Time. Each of employees has access for their profile where they can sees where their time goes during the working day. That channel you can make the more informed of decisions to your habits. For instance, if you see that you are spending majority of time dealing with e-mails, you may consider re-thinking your emails management systems.

Saving time

By the using of Desk Time, you are saving the employee’s time, since you are losing the manual entries in the time sheets. Since this is all the automatically stored through Desk Time, you are leaving the time for employee’s to work on tasks that will affects the bottom-line of your business.

 Hard work is pointed

Everybody has colleague who shows-up at work, but spends day chatting. The Desk Time points out the extreme cases & these huge issues can be addressed. A Desk Time is also highlights the most productive employee’s, so hard-work won’t go un-noticed.

Few points you should make sure your employee’s knows:

Breaks are encouraged!

We know the value of your time, & of course allow the personal time. If you feel the requirement to take the break at any step, just switch on the “private time”, or the site’s you visit won’t be listed, & won’t contributes to the productivity analysis.

Only extreme the cases are noticed

System is mean for your own personal productiveness. Using the Desk Time doesn’t mean becoming a thrall to clock, simply that thing like arriving late daily of week, and spending half the day surfing the you tube that are more ease detected, and which in the end will only help the organization as the whole.

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