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  1. Feasibility Study

Feasibility Studies

A feasibility study is the evaluation & analysis of the potential of an advised project which is based on broad investigation or research to support the procedure of decision making. Feasibility study aims to objectively or rationally uncover the strengths & weaknesses of an existing business and proposed venture, chances and threats present in the eco, the resources necessary to carry through, & ultimately the prospects for the success. Feasibility study evaluates the projects possible for success; therefore, perceived objectiveness is an important factor in the credibility of the study for possible investors.

Feasibility studies topics of environment

Technology or system feasibility

The assessment is depends on an outline design of system required, to determine whether the company has the technical expertise to control completion of the project’s. When writing a feasibility reports, that the following should be taken to the considerations:

  • A detailed description of the business to assess more possible constituents which could affect the study.
  • Portion of the business being examined.
  • A human or economic factor.
  • Possible solutions of the problem.


It is a measure of “how well a suggested system solves the problems”, & take advantages of the chances identified during scope of definition & how it satisfies the required identified in the requirements of analysis phase of the system development. The operational feasibility appraisal of focuses on the degree to which the suggested development projects sets in with the existing business eco and objectives with regard to development of schedule, corporate culture, delivery date, and existing business processes.

Economical Feasibility

It includes the quantification or identification of all the benefits expected. This appraisal of typically involves a cost and benefits of analysis. The motive of the economic feasibility appraisal is to determine the positive economical benefits to the organization that the suggested system will provide.

Technical Feasibility

Technical feasibility is an evaluation of the hardware or software & how it meets necessitate of the suggested system. The technical feasibility appraisal is focused on gaining an understanding the present technical resources of the organization & their applicability to the expected needs of suggested system.

This “Method123.com“specialist in the project managements. The tool allows to project managers to complete the feasibility study early in project life cycle. Project management templates are released to helps a project manager to find whether the solution that their projects must be send, is feasible. The number of region’s are taken into account when finding the steps of feasibility of a suggested solution, including whether & not project team have equipment, enough staff, time or money to send on time & within budget. The feasibility study template comes prepopulated with a table of charts, contents, tables & practical example to helps Project Manager complete it rapidly or expeditiously. It saves the time or try, which are the two most valuable goods on a project with tight deadlines.

A template makes the high quality documents for your projects. They include each of the tables, charts or forms you required to get started right away. They are unique:

  • Are incredibly explained.
  • Include tables or charts.
  • Align with worldwide criteria.
  • Suits every project types or sizes.
  • Have tips & points to guide you.

Saves time

All Project Management Template saves your time of writing documents, because they have existed professionally laid out & they already include the tables or instructions you need to get started right away.

Looks professional

Project Management Templates have been professionally designed to look better, or because they were written through project experts, they cover every step’s you need to deliver the projects from beginning to End.

Project Management Template’s:

  • Save your time or effort.
  • Promote the quality of your works.
  • Helps you manage the projects.
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