Five Steps to Initiating a Project

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The project initiation is the critical phase with in the project life cycle. It is also called the project pre-planning phase & telling about the basic characteristics of the project. To successfully initiate the project you need the basics steps which are needed to carry out to develop a business case; undertake a feasibility study; develop a project charter or others.

Here the some steps for the project initiation:

  1. Make Business Case :

A business case written a document is the formal start of the project when the project sponsor or the project initiator gives an explanation of the business problem or opportunity. The project is to be initiated to the address of problem or provide to alternative solutions. The business case paper document will include the business problem or potential costs related with the project implementation.

  1. Create Feasibility Study :

Feasibility study is a research carried on to determine whether the project can be complete or to place of the likelihood of the alternative solutions. The feasibility study looks to whether the profit stated in the business case can be hand over. It also be depicts relationship of business prices with the project solutions.

  1. Develop Project Charter :

Once of the business problem or opportunity & possible solutions have been identified, your future step is to develop the project charter which is the critical document of the pre-phase. The project charter basically describes what your project sets out to be solves the business problem & what is the boundaries of the project will be. It specifies the project vision, goals and objectives, deliverables and expectations, scope or boundaries, project organization or an implementation plan.

  1. Assign Project Management Team:

The project charter is developed and you can proceed with the placing of human resources needed for delivering the project & achieving its targets. You will require appointing the management team which will have the primary responsibility for the planning & the execution of your project. The Project commission should be established & the project manager should be allotted. Then the project manager will work on enrolling the project team & making the project assignments. Once the team is recruited or assignments are made, then the project initiation phase is almost completed and only one step is in front.

  1. Perform Review:

And the last step to take through the project starting phase is about reviewing your project. A review level should be conducted to insure that the project is successfully started; this means all of the entry activities are finished. Once the project is reviewed; and the project planning will be completed.

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