What is Google Panda? Some prevention of Google Panda.

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Google Panda comes to the picture in February 2011. It was for change a Google’s search results ranking algorithm and it effects alot in so many websites when it actually updated in April 2011. It works like a filter for quality like low quality sites and thin sites. Those websites which are having too much advertising or low quality content drops in search engine results so badly. Google Panda also updates regularly and giving suggestions to update our sites for high quality.

How to prevent the Google panda rules?

Separate Out Low Quality Content: Put high value content on the website. because low quality content surely drop your website quality. Crawling and indexing of low quality pages must be blocked for search engines. There are too many reasons of low quality:

  • Site have duplicate content or articles and can have same articles/content repeated by new title and keywords.
  • Articles are too short and don’t have the information which actually should be.
  • Same articles are posted so many times on other site with different names.
  • Article have spelling mistakes and due to some grammatical mistakes, sentence meaning can be change.

The best way to prevent your website to Google panda, you have to use unique content and your keyword must be fully focused on the content. Our content must elaborate our keyword in easy language and understandable structure. Our content sentences must be short and in paragraph format, so the user can easily read and understand the matter. Don’t put so much content on your website. For promotion you have to concentrate on advertising and more advertising. Track your visitors according to their needs and preferred language.

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  1. Google panda was always a headache for me, never get the real solutions for sites, now after reading some articles i am much aware of it. Your blog have much comfort level to understand the topic

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