How Project Management Can Improve with Communication

Skills to improve project management communication

Project manager has a lot of responsibility in his hand. Apart from project management (PM) to the most vital role of project manager is how he communicates  with his team because that depends on how your team will collaborate with team members. This the most difficult skills to perfect, but most effective way to gain better results from his team.  Communication helps manager or team member to communicate with each other in better perspective that helps to get feedback and new ideas in the project. Involving the client in communication helps to give a better picture of what work is going on how we are doing. Example like XYZ company is working on the project and manager is very rude and he doest involve in any communication or doest take any ideas from his team member just force his talks and ideas in the team then that project will not meet his desired goal on time because then his team member will not work that efficient that they can work and team member will not share their ideas if they get any while working on the project that can help project in better  way this will be the biggest drawback of not having effective communication. But if manager communicates well then his team member will believe him for the things. They will come up with new ideas and that will help to build a good collaboration between his team then this will lead to project success.

Ways by which you can improve PM skills with the help of communication

BE Present: Manager is the voice of the entire team, so the most important part is that he needs to be present  with his team. The Manager should be available with his team and with the  clear understanding of his team job role and achievements. Because if you are communicating from a distance, then it will a negative impact and you will not be able to express your views correctly to your team.

Use PM Apps: As a project manager, you have lots of things on your hand so it’s impossible to keep an eye on each and everything by your own you just have to make sure that everyone is aware of their responsibility. Successful Project management apps help to keep you and your team on the same page so that all the relevant data and thoughts, share with  you or your team will be seen by everyone in the loop in one go this helps in the effective workflow of the project.

Adopt a Communication Plan: You should make a general plan for communication that how your team communicates with you whom you  need to communicate clients, stakeholder  ETC. How frequently you need to communicate with the team for better collaboration. Make a chart accordingly for better communication result.

Plan Meetings Appropriately: Meeting is important in a team, but sometimes it takes the actual work time that affects the workflow.  Plan meeting so that you can get the most benefit out of it without affecting workflow plan things like who will be in a meeting and what will be discussed in that and how much time it will take.

Use a RACI Chart: RACI stands for “Responsible, Accountable, Consulted, and Informed.”. So if you are facing problem in That who is involved, in which communication then you can make Raci chart which helps to determine between work that who is responsible for which work and who is helping them and it also helps in avoiding unnecessary communication that helps directly in the workflow.

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