How the Document Management System is better than Paper-Based Processes that decreases the chances of your Productivity?

  1. DMS

A large amount of time is wasted by the small and large enterprises in controlling and managing the paper documents.

Feeling in terms of the context of paper and document are less efficient, it leads to the thought to prioritize and improve management of documents.

Below are the certain recommendations that guide you how can you overcome mishandling documents and introduce the process that make your documents digitizing. This is called document management system.

Common factors lead to Document Management System failure in any type of enterprises whether small or big.

1. To find the desired document:

Paper documents require that they are placed properly and if misfiled manually then they consume a considerable amount of time in finding the required paper. The case may be the needed document is resting in a stack of folders lying on your table. Then how you satisfy your need of information present in that misplaced document and is this not an obstacle in better use of that time in doing something better and something productive? This gives idea of digital document management system.

2. Passing documents To and Fro:

Can you tell me in percentage, how much of your business profits depend on the paper. Does the person at the next level of business processes waits for the approval of the paper/document from the previous level person? How much useful time of your business is wasted in waiting? The electronic document management software does not deny from approval instead approval switch between persons/levels within a second. This increases the business process rate.

3. Instances of losing the documents occur:

The best paper-based filing system is of no use when a document is lost. The only thing with you is to arrange this lost information anyhow. But document that is stored digitally either in Google Drive or somewhere else using file management system helps you to search the entire folder and get the required document instantly.

4. Paper based document is not secure:

The paper based document has a risk of viewing it by anybody whereas document management system ensures you that no one has access to your document without your permission for any reason whether to update or for any correction.

What is document management system?

A Document Management System also known as DMS in short, is a system developed to track, store and manage the documents so that the paper are used in less quantity. The papers are managed digitally.

Various document management systems are capable to have a record of the changes made by the different users and many allow accessing the previous versions of documents.

Some Document Management System/softwares are as listed:

1. OpenDocMan-Free Document Management System.

2. Scopidea-Free for 10 users.

3. KRYSTAL TM DMS- free document management software.

4. Globodox Document Management Software

5. Kordil EDMS Document Management System

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