How to Get PMP Certification

What is PMP certification?


The (PMP) Project Management Professional certification is a qualification task managed by the (PMI) Project Management Institute. In the (IT) information technology companies, the word project management mentions to an organized approach to software development by defined stages called planning, executing, controlling or closing. The process for seemly a certified Project Management Professional regards a re-exam of prior education and piece of work experience followed by a written exam.

Steps to prepare for your PMP certification

  1. Preparation

Reviewing demands, getting the necessity education hours, and etc.

  1. Application

Filling the PMI application, submit the payment, and receiving approving.

  1. Studying

Use preparation materials prepared for the examination.

  1. Examination 

Seriously take the test.

Tips for certification of exam:

  1. Be prepared to focus:

This exam will involve a lot of concentration from your side and mostly like you will require all hours allotted to it. Hence, do try a complete practice of examination before going into the real one.

  1. Eliminate bad answers to find the right one:

Even you don’t know the correct answer to a question; try out to find it by replace the less likely ones. In most of cases you can ease remove the two answers, leaving you with only two alternatives to choose from. In that case you got a 50% opportunity of getting it right alternatively of 25%.

  1. Don’t think too much:

Normally, your first answer is right one. When in doubtfulness, go with your replete and do not over analyse the query and the results.

  1. Go with the mind-set that you will pass:

It will help you to be quiet and relaxed. If you have got a moment of experience and you went by all the possibilities and exercises, you passed.

Tips for studying to get the certification:

  • Look at studying as if you are running a project:

The topics you will have to cover quite large, and if you have complete your studies few time ago, you will likely no longer have the parallel speed of studying as once you were a student. Study is the first lesson and measure however it long takes. This is one of the easiest lessons, makes a learning program, set finished lines and keeps tracking your knowledge.

  • Keep the studying condensed in a couple of months at most: 

If you distribute your learning things, across an entirely year, you will blank where you started from. Make a tight schedule for you and develop the mind set of completing the PMP certification.

  • Exercise, Exercise, Exercise:

Reserve the time to do the workouts for PMP Exam Preparation after each lesson. While done reading all the study materials, you can attempt on-line test examination such as the single offered by PM study.

A good mark is anything above 70%. If you get this on “mean” for all lessons, then you can go to the real exam with confident that you will pass out.

  • Don’t get frustrated:

There is a lot of practical knowledge you will have to study about tools, as well as the framework. Even if you may not use some of them you still require learning what they are and once they are used. Only just keep learning.

  • Don’t be scared:

If you learned from book and you get 70% of the questions correct, you pass the real exam. The really hard part around the PMP exam is projecting till the end, being disciplined and completing over all the theory and exercises.

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