International Project Management Association

The IPMA (international Project Management Association) is a nonprofit, Swiss registered organization’s for the promotions of the project management internationally. The association was initiated in 1965 in the place of “Vienna” through a “European group” of manager’s, or initially founded under the name of the “International Management Systems Association”. It held the first international congress in the place of “Vienna” in 1967 which was attended through the professionals from thirty different countries. In 1979 the federation was re-named with the “International Project Management Association”.

International Project Management Association’s is focuses in the development or promotions of the project management profession’s. It provides the standards & installs the guidelines for work of the project management professional’s by the IPMA Competence Baseline. This Certifications Program is delivered through National Member of Associations and Certification Bodies in different membership countries. In India PMA launched the prestigious, internationally recognized or widely accepted the World Class IPMA of Level ‘A’ Certification, specifically for the Programme and Portfolio managers on 19th Dec.

It is golden opportunities for CEO’s and Directors included in complex project processes and have proved the track record, and to acquire globally acclaimed Platinum of Level ‘A’ Certification i.e. Project Director.

• International Project Management Associations of Level ‘A’ certifies core capacity of an individual to manage the portfolios and programmes.

• Organizations require professionals with the certified of project management competencies.

• Performances based certifications secures the competitive differentiation.

• It’s extremely important to have Level ‘A’ vouched (certified) professionals heading complex projects including high value or man power.

• It helps the significantly, to provide assuredness to the managing committee that the persons entrusted with the projects, being Level ‘A’ certified that can handle the same efficiently or cost effectively.

• Being the Level ‘A’ certified, provides a benchmark for distinguishing one-self with others.

In the certification process includes:

  1. Application, self-assessment and Organizational description.
  2. Project director’s report
  3. Interviews

Benefits of the International Project Management Association:

This system offers the benefits for either the organization or the individual project manager’s.

For the organization:

  • Promotes the visualizations of the career’s process for project managers in the organization.
  • Verifies to the market that organization has qualified project managers.
  • Excides the professional environment for skilled the project management or contributes to an ongoing improvement of competence levels. Ensure that’s the project management is the placed in the right hands and also at conscription of project managers.

For the project manager:

  • Advances of one’s own competences level, because participation in the certification of the Programme provides the useful learning processes.
  • Document’s knowledge, behavior or experience i.e. capacity in the management of projects.
  • Gives the feedback of regarding fields in which the additional competencies are necessary.
  • Provides the structure for personal development as the project manager through using the certification of levels as a stepping stone.
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