Issue Tracking System

  1. Issues Tracking System

An issue tracking system is computer software designed to manage and maintain lists of issues for the organization need. It contains necessary information for the issues tracked.

An issue tracking software/system also consists of a memory that contains relevant information about the issues that resolved and any other related such information. You can say that issue tracker works as bug tracker. There are various companies that sell bug tracker as well as issue tracker separately. But some of the bug trackers can be used as the issue tracking system and vice-versa. A best software team is known by the sign of steady use of the issue tracking system.

What is ticket element within issue tracking system?

A ticket element mention the particular problem with its status and the other data associated with the problem. The ticket element within the issue tracking system isgiven a unique reference number, the othername of which is call log number, case, and issue so that user can easily locate it.

Functionality of issue tracking system

Different functions that it must encounter are as follows:

  • It allows entering functions that are malfunctioned, and errors that are found in the project.
  • It allocates the issues to the person who is incharge of it.
  • It helps in enhancing the quality of the project.
  • Provide number of ticket analysis. This analysis is statistical in nature.
  • It must be capable to generate tickets automatically.
  • Must include a database for the history of each change made.
  • The system must have a detailed explanation of the problem detected, solution made.

Issue tracking works in what manner?

It provides you a second method of reviewing your work.

Issue tracking system has opened and reopened issues .The difference between the two can be described as follows:

Opened issues are those which are occurred first time and are set for resolved.

Reopened are those which are re-occurred or not solved properly.

Issue Tracking System Aim For?

The project may vary from organization to organization but the Issue tracking Software has a single aim:

1. Providing a central place: In order to report the issues, you need some place, you need to capture them, where to go? Who will capture them? It is that central place, which helps you in capturing bugs, tasks, ideas, and issues. No need to think of something els.

2. Gives you a recording place: You can record all your decisions that are to be executed later. You can review them later.

3. Reliability: It is software which stands for its accountability.

4. Helps in setting priority: Helps to know which issues need to be resolved first out of thousand bugs.

Scopidea is a project management tool that has such an efficient issue tracking system/software.

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