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  1. Companies Computers Safe

It is easy to forget about the computer’s security. Unfortunately, through time you realize there is the problem with your computers; you could be in the deep trouble. Most of the users re-cycles same pass codes, and never updates their computer’s software’s, & worst of the all, or don’t back-up. Execute the quick Google search for the internet security protection & you will come across the plenty of the antivirus of software’s solutions claiming for protects your company’s devices against multitude of the nasty-infections out of there on Web. As the companies & consumers increasingly conducts their business in cloud, the browsing activity, securing virtual identities or personal data-arguably has become more vital than securing the physical devices.

How Cloud Changing the Security:

General consensus amongst the “Chief Information Officers” was for protect their teams with either the antiviruses to secure their computer’s or mobile devices & the personal Virtual Private Network for protect the employees against online threats.

In old days, it was by the installing of floppy disks and thumb-drives. Now that those are longgone, most of viruses infect the devices by the Web and through email-exchanges. But if the both Web or your emails are protected through cloud security, it is highly unlikely that viruses will ever make it as-far-as your devices. If this is case, will the need for antivirus software be less important in the future?

Thinking Beyond Devices:

More businesses & consumers entrust reams of the precious, & the highly confidential, data for the cloud, direct-threats for devices become less episodic than threat of the compromising our identities and personal information-through Drop box files, Google docs, pass codes, searching process, and sites visited online. In every sennight, stolen data, stories of the massive-hacks, & compromised the security of the headlines. But it is not generally their devices that come under the direct attack; it is the weakness in their securities systems that make them weak for the hackers. Enter in the cloud security players that protects Web, rather-than the devices, & role of antivirus companies is greatly diminished. When the company launched Hotspot Shield, the application that encrypts the all of pages visited or enables the users to stay the completely private when browsing Web, we were not sure how the big demand for secure the browsing & identity protections on-line would be. But with move for cloud, we have experienced firsthand the needs for the secure not only device, but all online conversations or browsing.

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