Key Features of Issue Tracking System

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While issue Tracking systems will vary in complexity and sophistication depending on your organization and the needs of your project, there are key features that they should all possess. Scopidea gives you full option to customize our application according to your need.

The major component of Issues tracking system is flow that records facts about known bugs. Facts may be the time of the bug, the nature of the bug, the behavior and details on what produced a bug.

Typical bug tracking system supports the concept of lifecycle for a bug which is tracked through status assigned to the bug.

Scopidea issues tracking system is helpful for

* A software development project

* Service Management Software

* A marketing campaign

* A helpdesk system

* Asset Management system

Bug Lifecycle: All bug life cycle is defined in Defect Setting

Defect setting define and communicate how issues are submitted, how they will be resolved, how and when outstanding issues will be reviewed, and what is needed to officially close an issue.

Escalation Procedures—defines the types of issue that warrant escalation to higher levels of management.Scopidea gives you an option to add watch list. In this list you are able to add higher management and clients to aware about the issues.

Issue Log—Scopidea track the path and log when issues are created, when issues get edited and who edited issues.

Issue report —during issues reporting, scopidea contain objective of issues, defect priority, sprint status, project name and etc.

Issues Screen shot or Project Document: In any issues produced, user able to attached screen shot and document.

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