Latest News

Latest News

  • Now time tracker is release its free for one month

    Join Scopidea in celebrating the launch of Time Tracker with people and organizations. Scopidea launched Time Tracker on Monday Time Tracker is able to captured your employee activity with simple Screen shots. Defined by your interval for captured time it’s takes screenshot in random interval. Book a Ddemo now for know more

  • Chrome Extension

    The easiest way to update your Chrome extension

    Google chrome The Google Chrome is a Web browser and it is based on open source Chromium projects. The Google released the Chrome in 2008 & issues many updates a year. It’s available for the Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X, Android or iOS. Chrome does the great job of updating the extension’s automatically, but […]

  • free Chat application

    Free chat option for all Scopidea users

    Scopidea give you free chat functionality. No need to purchase new software for chat inside organization. User able to chat each other Admin able to create group open group password protected room one-on-one or in groups chat When user is not online send email notification Add,edit and deleted block,guest user or normal user Chat history […]