Lessons of Productivity

  1. Lessons of Productivity

Productivity is not about, how much you produce; it is regarding how much you complete:

This is easy to get caught on measurements or statistics, but as-far-as the personal productivity is concerned, statistics are the secondary. The productivity is not about the how much you produce, it is regarding how much you done. It is vital to do tasks that’re high leverage or meaningful, or it is also vital that you know, how for manage your energy, time, or attention so you’ve resources you require to get the more done.

Best channel to feel the motivated is to know, why you wants for get something done:

Most of motivated peoples are ones, who regularly questions why they’re doing what they’re doing. When you focuses on doing the more things, as opponent to doing things that’re aligned for your values or what you believes in, you might be able for push yourself to be productive in short-run, but in long run you are going to be a lot-less satisfied or productive. A key is to determine, what you value or what motivates you most, & then take on the tasks or responsibilities’ that fit with the values.

There’s no one secret for becoming the more productive:

The productivity is very much a holistic-concept, and characterized through understanding of its inter-connected components. There’re hundreds of factors that contributes to, how much you get done every-day, every one of which has to do with the being able for manage the energy, time, or attentions.

There’re the three ingredients you combine on a daily basis to be productive: energy, time, or attentions:

Few people are great at managing their time & have a lot of energy, but they are constantly distracted so they procrastinate or do not get a lot done. Few people have laser like focus & they know, how to manage their time-well, but they are not good on managing their energy, so they drag their feet or do not get a lot done.

Devotion is critical:

The half-hearted attempts at the productive lives end in sad-defeat. Because the error or criticism or bumps & bruises are indispensable, only those who’re whole-heartedly set on the productive life will withstand setbacks along the path. A distraction comes standard in life.

An action is the crucial thing:

All-of-us desire to be productive with some, the short years we’ve. But there is a large difference between one who wants to be productive & one who is.

Criticism is necessary:  

Like error, criticism is part & the parcel of action. Because, so some people take actions, action stands-out. As an output, critics abound.

Always questions productivity advice:

There’re some pieces of advice that work-well to most people eating well, getting sufficient sleep or exercise, & meditation included but there’re also exceptions for every rule. Everybody thinks differently & has the different priorities, so no piece of productivity advice will work perfectly for 100 percent of the people, and 100 percent of time.

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