Let us learn about Project Management Framework

  1. Project Management Framework

Let us learn about Project Management Framework

So far we had discussed project management thoroughly. We had discussed that what actually a project management is???What should be the qualities in a project manager for an effective project management? We studied project management art for accurate estimation, and other such related topics.

Today we are going to discuss that what a project management framework is?? Don’t you think that before discussing such an important topic we must first take a quick look at what exactly is a project management? This quick revision let our readers summarise all this knowledgeable stuff efficiently.

A project management system is a software application that enables us to manage our projects and documents effectively and efficiently. It consists of various steps that are performed one by one in order to manage the project. These steps are projected initialisation, project execution, project designing, project development and project development.


Actually, a project framework is a group or you can say a combination of various processes, tasks or tools which are used by individuals who are working on a particular project in order to transmit a project from start to finish. Let us see the below-given overview regarding the basic process used by this framework of project management.

  • Initiate
  • Plan execute
  • Control
  • Monitor
  •   TerminateEach of these individual processes consists of various tasks and sub-tasks that should be done efficiently in order to make the whole project managed.Project management framework is designed to:
  •  It aims to improve the alignment between the needs of university’s business and technology projects. In simple words, it means to deliver what the organisation actually wants.
  •  Ensure that the project should be initialized in such a way that it could be delivered to clients as planned.
  • Should control the way in which projects are monitored.
  • Increase the visibility of the projects.
  • Enables better planning and implementation.


Project management framework consists of following 3 parts:


  • Project life cycle
  • Project control cycle
  • Template and toolsin project life cycle, it aims to provide guidance on the common projects on common stages which apply to all the projects. Yes, they also vary from organisation to organisation but sometimes it becomes critical and complex to execute and implement.Actually, project life cycle tells us that what need to be done at each stage and project control cycle tells us that how each stage is planned and managed in an appropriate and efficient way. The project control cycle acts as a navigation system.Here we talk about tools and templates that support the implementation of project management within an organisation. It is relevant to size, risk and scope of the project.This is all for today’s blog, for further information, please visit our website


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