• It’s depending on the organization, the role that the digital project managers can play can vary extensively.

    Skills of the Digital Project Managers

    Digital Project manager It is defining the role of a digital project manager isn’t straightforward, there is actually no standard as for what role actually entails.  There is often over-lap between the digital project managers & account managers or particularly at smaller organizations, there can often be over-lap between the QA, UX, or Business Analysis. […]

  • Ways How to Lower your Self-employment Taxes

    Self-Employment: It’s work of generating the one’s income directly from the customers and other organizations as antagonistic to being an employee of business. Aside from income-tax, you will need to pay the self-employment taxes that support Social Security programs or Medicare. These taxes obligations can be daunting, but there’re few ways self-employed can reduces the […]

  • DCAA audit

    Ways how to Avoid DCAA Audit

    What is DCAA? It stands for “Defense Contract Audit Agency”; and it’s an agency of US department of the defense under direction of Under-Secretary of Defense. This was established in the 1965 to perform all the contract audits for department of defense. If you have a small, medium and large company with a government contracts […]

  • Windows XP Near Dead

    End is near for windows XP

    What is Windows XP? The Windows XP is a personal computer OS that produced through Microsoft as the part of Windows NT family of OS. The OS was released for manufacturing on 24, August-2001, & generally released to retail sale on 25, October-2001. The Microsoft-Windows XP was introduced in 2001 & it is the most […]

  • An Honest View of Customers

    If you’ve wanted to learn more ways to get leads for your business, then this article will help you. No matter what you already understand, more ways to get new customers and leads is always a good idea for you. Thus, continue reading to gain some helpful advice towards your attempts. Make sure your landing […]