• Chrome Extension

    The easiest way to update your Chrome extension

    Google chrome The Google Chrome is a Web browser and it is based on open source Chromium projects. The Google released the Chrome in 2008 & issues many updates a year. It’s available for the Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X, Android or iOS. Chrome does the great job of updating the extension’s automatically, but […]

  • DeskTime to employees

    How to explain DeskTime to employees

    Everybody knows the time is very important or in other hand we can say that the “time is money”, which is why it is so vital to make most of work hours, & why you are using the Desk Time to keep-up with your employees. The problems often lay in the explaining of software, so […]

  • 5 easy ways to get more from your employees

    5 easy ways to get more from your employees

    What is the Employee? The employee is the person, who tasks in the services of another person’s under the express and implied the annexure of hire, under which the employer’s has right control to the details of work’s performances. 5 ways to get more from your employees Know where the employees are coming from: It […]

  • Explains 8 Effective Email Management Tips

    What is an Email? The messages distributed via electronic it means from one machine’s user to one & more recipients by the helping of networks. Tips to manage your Emails effectively: Use labels, tabs & folders: The first step is to create the system for organizing the numbers of messages you are receive. The program […]

  • How Reach Your Goals

    How Reach Your Goals

    Some idea’s that can helps you to get your goals: Believe on yourself I can’t put sufficient emphasis on fact you needs to believe on yourself & in your capabilities to achieve any-thing in life. Believing on yourself is the central to almost every-thing you will initiate. If you initiate the business not only you […]

  • Project Estimation and Resource Allocation

    Project Estimation and Resource Allocation

    Project Estimation: In the project management the accurate estimates are the base of sound of the project plannings. Many of activities have been developed to help the engineers in making the right estimates, such as Documenting of estimation’s results. Estimating the each tasks. Tamed assumptions. Identifying the dependencies. Structured plannings. Risks assessments. Project estimation techniques […]

  • Deposit and Percentage Invoicing

    Deposit and Percentage Invoicing

    What is Invoice? An invoice is the bills and tab and it is a commercial document issued via a seller to buyer, relating to the sale transactions & indicating of the quantities of products, or agreed prices for the goods & services and the seller had endow to the buyers. Percentage of invoices: The percentage […]

  • How to write a project proposal

    Project Proposals The proposals are directed towards the potential sponsor, such as your future’s boss, funding the agency, etc. Specific goals of the project. Technical approaches to be used in solving the problems & developing products. Anticipated outcomes of the projects. Project proposals are a document i.e. written with a particular purpose in mind; to […]

  • How to make an invoice

    How to make an invoice

    What is Invoice? The invoice will generally include quantity of purchases, price of products and services, parties included date, invoice’s number, or tax’s information’s. If products & services were purchased on credit, and the invoice will generally specify the terms of the deals, or provide the information’s on available methods of the payment. Whether you […]

  • Increase Productivity with a Little Help

    Increase Productivity with a Little Help

    Productivity: The productivity is an average measurement of efficiency of the production. It can be articulated as the ratio of results to inputs used in production activity, i.e. the output per unit of inputs. When all outputs & inputs are involved in productivity measurement it’s known as the total productivity. Outputs & inputs are defined […]