• Requirements of Issue Tracking System

    Scopidea’s Issue Tracking system is helpful for developer to track their planning, programming, testing and customer issues. There is no need to access of spreadsheet, sticky notes or emails for tracking issues. Scopidea Issue tracking system is not required to install, it’s totally web based system. Access of Scopidea issue tracking system is simple like […]

  • Time Tracker

    Time Tracking Helps to Boost the Production

    Scopidea provides Project Management Software in which online- time Tracking Software is included. Scopidea online time tracking software helps you to maintain your schedule given on the task. Scopidea’s online time tracking software provides one-click tracking system. This software helps to organize your project’s task and invoice systems. Online time tracking software is ideal for […]

  • Bug Tracking

    Bug Tracking system

    Bug Tracking System is a software application designed to keep records of software bugs that are reported in software projects It is also known as defect tracking system or issue tracking system. Usually, a project management tool/software contains the bug tracking system with other applications. The main important part of a bug tracking system is […]

  • Time Tracker: Popular Myths

    1. Privacy is Penetrated by Time Tracker: Various people are not comfortable using time tracker software as they feel insulted because they think that they are being watched (spied) .As they do not want to share their computer screens with anyone or with their employer. Love to Multitask: Different personalities have different way of doing work. […]

  • Document Management Systems

    DMS:Document Management Systems

    A Document Management System is designed to store and manage documents digitally. It is also used for tracking electronic documents. Document Management System keeps your documents available for use everywhere and at any time as and when required as they are digitally present. Features offered by DMS: When any person makes a change in the […]

  • TIME TRACKER: An Essential Project Management Tool

    It is well said “If you spoil time, time will spoil you”. The success not only of an organization but also of an individual depends on effective utilization of time, in other words depends on “Time Management”. Why Time Tracker is essential? 1. Keeping a track of your time and judicious utilization of it increases […]

  • Pillars of project management

    Pillars of Project Management

    Project Management, as name indicates it is about managing project to achieve its objectives through proper planning, organizing, motivating and controlling resources. The building of Project planning management is standing on 6 pillars which guide a project from beginning to end: 1. How much project is realistic: Whenever an idea of a project is introduced […]

  • Now time tracker is release its free for one month

    Join Scopidea in celebrating the launch of Time Tracker with people and organizations. Scopidea launched Time Tracker on Monday Time Tracker is able to captured your employee activity with simple Screen shots. Defined by your interval for captured time it’s takes screenshot in random interval. Book a Ddemo now for know more