Principles of Project Management, every Newcomer Should Learn

Project management is the discipline of various activities which are executed to achieve a specific particular goal or task.

These various activities of project management could be following.





The primary challenge of project management is to achieve the primary goals & objectives of the project. The primary constraints are scope, time, quality & budget. All these 4 terms have their own importance in project management.

The second thing or you can say that the second challenge that you have to keep in mind is to optimize the allocation of necessary inputs and should integrate them in order to meet the pre-defined objectives.

In order to make a successful project, The principles that I am going to write, are actually essential. This principle can be applicable to any branch of the project or you can say any phase of project management.

  • Structure of the respective project
  • Definition of phase
  • Clear Goals
  • Well defined objectives
  • Risk recognition
  • Responsibility of project manager

There are 3 basic rules of project management

  • Objectives
  • Constraints
  • Lifecycle

Defining your objective

  • The main point of any project is to achieve a specified goals
  • Once these objectives of projects are fulfilled, then the project is disbanded
  • Therefore, there must be clear & well defined, measurable & achievable
  • Without the clearly defined project, there could be high chances of failure.

Understanding your constraints

  • A constraint is something that could limit or impact a project
  • Funding, Scope of project & Available resources & time are some of the typical Constraint
  • It is necessary to understand the constraint in order to define the boundaries, in which work had to be done.


  • Project Lifecycle is actually a definite start & finish time in which the objective of the project is defined
  • It can also be defined by a finite resource such as money, staff time available to the project.


Any successful project will deliver its goals & objectives, only when it has well-defined objectives, clear constraints and well-planned life cycle

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