How the project management can be saved from fail?

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For the success of any project, it is equally important that we should know the factors because of which the project fails. Although, there are various tips and tricks available for the success of the project management. It is a good habit to know about all the possible challenges at the beginning of the project/ project management.

Gaining knowledge about it will help you and your seniors to mitigate the risk concerning with the work.

In this blog, we’ll discuss about the top causes that results failure. Knowing about them increase chances of your project to be more successful.

1. Lack of proper planning: Planning is the basic necessity of the project success. Finding all the possible consequences initially will always benefit you some or the other time. You can axe the lager goal in to small number of goals/tasks in order to have success in project management.

2. Tracking the project progress inefficiently and ineffectively: Its importance lies in judging whether the project is developing as per the required expectations or the project management is following correctly.  This tracking is done by the head such as project manager or the supervisor regularly so that if in case there is any requirement of any resource at any stages it can be fulfilled.

3. Working under poor leader: Who is the leader?  A leader is one who guides the team in proper direction and move taking all together. Presence of a good leader ensures the victory of any battle. The project manager plays the role of a leader. In the light of his leadership, he can take the project management to the peak of the success. Thus, a thought should always be made before choosing someone for the leadership responsibility.

4.  Wrong assessment (estimation) of resources: Sometimes, it can happen that you underestimate the availability of resources or the cost is underestimated.  This situation acts as a barrier in the completion of the project. A solution of this situation can be found out so that its effect is less severe if it is identified and reported early to the leader. If it is not done so, it will behave as a drawback for the project management.

5. Lack of proper communication: Communication plays a very important role in the project management and the success of the project. What if the team member is not able to understand his team leader or vice-versa? Surely the team member will not be able to perform well and the leader will not able to resolve the problem of team member. Also, everyone related with project must be comfortable in putting his doubts and suggestions so that they win the project.

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