Project Management Fundamentals

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A project is an impermanent enterprise undertaken to create a unique product or service. Project are completed when the project destinations are reached or it is determined the project is no longer executable.

Project Management

project management toolProject management is the process or activity of planning, coordinating, controlling resources, processes to achieved specific goals/ target in scientific or daily problems. In any organization, only two terms of work exist—on-going processes and projects. Project management is the planning, scheduling and controlling the activities of project to meet project objective”.

Following components of project activities to meet demand of the project:

Knowledge – for example, past go through

Skills – for example, people skills and attainments

Tools and techniques – for example, programming tools

Project Management Process:

In this section provides an introduction to the concept of project management is a number of interconnected processes.

Project process:

A process is “a series of actions taking about a result”, following process performed by people:

1. Project management processes explains, organize, and finish the work of the project.

2. Product an oriented process explains and creates the project’s product.

Project management processes and product-oriented processes intersection and interact throughout the project. Project management process can be attaining in the following groups:

  • Initiating Processes: Passing the project or stage.
  • Planning Processes: Defining and purification of objectives and selecting the better of the alternative courses of action to accomplish the aims that the project was attempted to address.
  • Executing: coordinative and other resources to transport the plan.
  • Controlling process: Assuring that monitoring and measuring progress regularly to identify discrepancies from plan so that disciplinary action can be taken when necessary meet project aims.
  • Closing Process: validating acceptance of the project or phase and conveying it to an orderly terminal.

Customizing processes interaction:

Process interactions met the test of general acceptance – they applied to most of projects most of the time. However, not all of the processes will be required in all projects, and not all of the interactions will apply to all projects.

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