Project Management Organizations and Resources

  1. Organizations and Resources

There are many of memberships based organizations or nonmember affiliations dedicated to promoting, developing or certifying the project managers. In this the project management organizations to access the project management resources or the pursue certification.

Project Management Institute

The Project Management Institute is one of the leading membership associations for the project management. The organization is actively dissipated in advocacy; setting the professional’s standards, conducting re-search or providing access to information & resources for it is members. PMI also promotes the career or professional development & offers the certification, networking or community involvement opportunities.

International Project Management Association

The IPMA has a member ship comprised primarily of national project management association’s throughout the globe. IPMA is a Federation of over the 55 Member Associations (MAs). Our member associations develop the project management competencies in their geo-graphical areas of impression, interacting with the thousands of practitioners or developing relationships with the government agencies, corporations, colleges and universities, as well as training organizations or consulting companies.

International Association of Project and Program Management

A leading project & program organization, IAPPM represents the thousands of character members in more than 30 countries’. Member ship is comprised of every level of business professionals, analysts, executives, management or practitioners, each of whom are dedicated to the rise in rank of advanced project, program or portfolio governance, control & management. The IAPPM formed in 2003 by the active volunteers & established as a global project management professionals organization or Association providing the knowledge & useful content back to project managers or the program managers. Currently regular membership stands at $70 USD per year.

American Society for the Advancement of Project Management

The American Society for the Advancement of Project Management is a project manager’s capacity based on credentialing organization. It’s a solicitor of effective project management practices’ throughout every organization. ASAPM identify, document, collect, develop, certify, freely share, or promote the effective Project or Program Management practices’. Association aids the exchange of Project or Program Management practices’ between experienced & new practitioners. It is a mission that served the project management community by individuals or organizations that are included in Projects or Programs.

American Academy of Project Management

The American Academy of Project Management, it is the global Board of Standard’s for the project management industry of professionals.

In the project management terminology, resources are needed to carry away out the project actions. They can be equipment’s, people, facilities’, and anything otherwise capable of definition required for the closure of the project’s activity. The lack of resources will therefore be constraint on the completion of the project’s activity. Resources may be collectable or non-storable. A collectable resource remains available UN-less depleted through the usage, & may be replenished through the project’s actions which produce them. Non storable resources must be re-newed for all time periods, even if not utilized in previous time period. Resource scheduling, availability & optimizations are considered the key for successful project management.

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