Project Management-Popular Wrong Perceptions

  1. Project Management

Do you know what all the organizations (big or small) have in common? Yes, you are right. They receive projects. When there is need to run projects, there is also a need of people to manage them.

Most successful professional organizations are already equipped with it. A survey says that project management is surrounded by wrong perceptions. But the research says something different.

Her we bring a clear (true) picture of project management in front of you.

1. Project Management Certificate is necessary: In order to become best project managers, no need to have certificate for project management .There are various organizations who do not see to it. Certificate does not guarantee for the success. It’s the learning ability throughout that makes one successful. Project Management is the outcome of mixing technical ability, analytical thinking and emotional intelligence in right proportion. For instance, only 56% project managers are certified at IBM.

2. Project Management includes paperwork: It is a wrong perception common now -a -days. According to a research, project management done by most project managers is through communication.

3. Frequent Meetings are needed to conduct for the success of the Project                                                                                                                      Management: Most employers consider it waste of time. Because meetings are conducted for updating with the status of project .This can be done via e-mail.

4. You have to hit the target in one go: It is not necessary that you get your aim in first chance. There is a popular saying “FAILURES ARE THE PILLARS OF SUCCESS”, “NO BIG THING ACHIEVED IN FIRST TIME”. Edison failed various times when he was building bulb; he didn’t give up and won the game. Similarly, is the case with project management, project managers should be eager to learn always from their failures and ready to write new records.

5. Software does everything: No one can deny from the fact that good and right project management software is indispensable for managing your project. But still it’s only a tool, cannot do everything necessary for your project management. It cannot remove all the weak points from your current projects.

6. Project Managers need to be expert: You need not be a computer engineer in order to manage projects related to software development. The thing you need to have understanding of basic fundamentals (knowledge) of it with strong skills needed for doing project management. Having expertise is a good thing but it does not promise success.

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