What are Project Management Mistakes?

  1. project management mistakes

Project Management Tools have so many things which we have to consider. We also aware about the mistakes which can be happen. The following list of the most common project management mistakes. These mistakes can be fateful. .

1. Be without the right resources and not assigning right person to manage project- Resource allocation is a common mistake .With the due to of staffing mistake not having the right people on a project can spoil it .the object is getting a project successfully obtain is having the right people with having right skill .It said to be “All the planning in the world won’t overcome an insufficiency of talent.”

2. Be without enough of Regular Communication/Meetings.“Communication is the most important factor to successful project management, there should not be communication gap between resource and customers .Without regularly and clearly communicating, the project will come down.

3. Putting many projects into production at a time. “Most managers think that they can achieve more done by starting all projects, but in fact, it’s harmful, Multitasking slows people down, injures quality and, spoiled of all because they cannot concentrate the project and cannot get best alternative, the delays caused by multitasking cascade and multiply through the organization as people further down the line wait for others to finish required tasks.”

4. Lake of Flexibility. While you may think of your project plan. What needs to be done, by whom, and when to do it to get to your goal .don’t pause to listen to new information and trace.

5. Update the status of a project: You cannot manage what you cannot measure. The overall view of the progress needs to be clear to both parties—leaders and resources.

6. Not define the scope of a project: If the scope of project is not well defined by the planning team, the project may take twice as much time budgeted or forecast. The steps, areas and definitions are necessary for the regular monitoring of status, and thus facilitate the overall view to all participants.

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  1. Yepee
    These are very common mistakes and almost every person faced these things in different phases, thanks for collecting them to one place.

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