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  • SCRUM MASTER:its basic Roles and Responsibilities in AGILE

    SCRUM MASTER: its basic Roles and Responsibilities in AGILE

    A SCRUM MATER is a coach cum leader in agile software development. He is the facilitator for the whole agile development team. The Process of information exchange is totally under the scrum master. He/she handles the front end-and-centre role in agile. He/she makes sure that the Agile development team  correctly follows the rules and principles  […]

  • Agile

    Is Scrum Different from Agile, if yes? How?

    Scrum uses sprint as the fundamental unit of development. The sprint, in beginning goes through a planning meeting for finding the purpose for which it being initialized. At the end of each sprint a retrospective meeting is held for reviewing the completed sprint so that a lesson can be learned which may be applied to […]

  • Issue Tracking System

    Utilization of Issue Tracking System in the Organizations

    What are the uses of Hosted Solution in Issue Tracking System? There are mainly two types of issues tracking solutions present in the organization: Premises-based Solution Hosted Solution In an organization, issues regarding hardware, software and network connectivity are handled by the premise-based solutions. The Premise-based solution helps to create backups for continuity in the […]

  • Project Management Art

    Project Management Art for Accurate Estimation

    In IT companies, when the client asked, how long the production might take for development of the product? Then the manager shall calculate the estimated time for the production. The estimation of the successful project should occur when the manager has knowledge of “The Art of the Project Management”. The Art of Project Management can […]

  • 8 trends on PM

    8 trends on project management

    IMPORTANT PROJECT MANAGEMENT TRENDS ACCEPTED GLOBALLY Seeing to the increasing popularity of project management, it is equally important to know what the necessary trends are to project delivery.  From the viewpoints of  methodology and technology, the project management  industry   has shown growth each year at a faster rate.  The capital and other market factors continue […]

  • Project Management

    Project Management-Popular Wrong Perceptions

    Do you know what all the organizations (big or small) have in common? Yes, you are right. They receive projects. When there is need to run projects, there is also a need of people to manage them. Most successful professional organizations are already equipped with it. A survey says that project management is surrounded by […]

  • Issues Tracking System

    Issue Tracking System

    An issue tracking system is computer software designed to manage and maintain lists of issues for the organization need. It contains necessary information for the issues tracked. An issue tracking software/system also consists of a memory that contains relevant information about the issues that resolved and any other related such information. You can say that […]

  • Project success

    How the project management can be saved from fail?

    For the success of any project, it is equally important that we should know the factors because of which the project fails. Although, there are various tips and tricks available for the success of the project management. It is a good habit to know about all the possible challenges at the beginning of the project/ […]

  • Requirements of Issue Tracking System

    Scopidea’s Issue Tracking system is helpful for developer to track their planning, programming, testing and customer issues. There is no need to access of spreadsheet, sticky notes or emails for tracking issues. Scopidea Issue tracking system is not required to install, it’s totally web based system. Access of Scopidea issue tracking system is simple like […]

  • Bug Tracking

    Bug Tracking system

    Bug Tracking System is a software application designed to keep records of software bugs that are reported in software projects It is also known as defect tracking system or issue tracking system. Usually, a project management tool/software contains the bug tracking system with other applications. The main important part of a bug tracking system is […]