Project Management

  • Pillars of project management

    Pillars of Project Management

    Project Management, as name indicates it is about managing project to achieve its objectives through proper planning, organizing, motivating and controlling resources. The building of Project planning management is standing on 6 pillars which guide a project from beginning to end: 1. How much project is realistic: Whenever an idea of a project is introduced […]

  • Ways to Start a Business in a Shoestring Budget

    Ways to Start a Business in a Shoestring Budget

    Shoestring Budget This means of that the scant resources as opposed to sufficient funds. Write-down amount of money you’ve to invest. Develop the budget to both expenses & revenues for at-least next six months. Come-up with contingency plan, if revenues do not meet the expectations. Those abruptness plans could include the cutting down on expenses […]

  • What you are doing wrong and how to fix it

    What you are Doing Wrong and How to fix it

    You are online all time: Sending the e-mails at all hours can makes you seem committed. But this also gives you false feeling of the efficiency. What you are likely overlooking as you congratulate your-self to your dedication your colleagues will quickly come to expect that, you are online 24/7 which outcomes in a vicious-cycle. […]

  • online portfolio

    How to Create Online Portfolio

    Firstly we explain the meaning of portfolio; it is a grouping of financial-assets such as bonds, stocks or cash equivalents, as-well-as their mutual, exchange traded or closed fund counter parts. Portfolios are held directly through investors or managed by financial-professionals. Take a step back, & curate your good work: Take time to look at all […]

  • How to Handle Deadbeats Clients

    We do the best to meet and exceed our client’s expectations; we are generally rewarded with the referrals and renewals. But-sometimes, we encounter the problem of clients – who those has no intentions of the paying’s. They have money for pay; they-just prefer for keep it. There’re plenty of the reason why clients fail to-pay. […]

  • Steps to Creating A High Performance Culture

    What is High-Performance Culture? For understanding, what the high-performance culture is, we need to first understand, how we define a culture. Cultures that consistently perform on highest-levels have the common characteristics to each element’s; regardless of the type of the business & market, it is in. The high-performance cultures the world view that they can […]

  • How to Manage Your projects

    An individual and collaborative enterprise i.e. carefully planned to achieve the particular objective. In the project management, projects can be further-defined as temporary rather than permanent social-systems and work the systems that’re constituted through teams within and across organizations for accomplish the particular tasks under the time-constraints. An ongoing-project is generally called as a program. […]

  • How Lighting and Color Affects in Productivity

    In the lighting, it involves in the use of both artificial light sources like light fixtures and lamps, as-well-as natural lighting by capturing the daylight. Lights against the gloss bright walls and dim-lamps lighted little more than pool of the work on the desk can uniformly create feelings: Lifelessness Lack of productivity Anxiety Depression Whether, […]

  • Logo Creator Tools for Non-Designers

    First of all who are designers? Designers are those to design the creations of the plan and convention to the construction of the object and a system & it’s done via designers. If you aren’t a designer, you would not want to invest in the expensive design software & then spend the time learning, how […]

  • Project Estimation and Resource Allocation

    Project Estimation and Resource Allocation

    Project Estimation: In the project management the accurate estimates are the base of sound of the project plannings. Many of activities have been developed to help the engineers in making the right estimates, such as Documenting of estimation’s results. Estimating the each tasks. Tamed assumptions. Identifying the dependencies. Structured plannings. Risks assessments. Project estimation techniques […]

  • How to write a project proposal

    Project Proposals The proposals are directed towards the potential sponsor, such as your future’s boss, funding the agency, etc. Specific goals of the project. Technical approaches to be used in solving the problems & developing products. Anticipated outcomes of the projects. Project proposals are a document i.e. written with a particular purpose in mind; to […]